Improve Security Measures with Dynamic Video KYC Solution

Knowing who your customers and users are is a critical aspect of the security of your business or organization. While standard document checking is invaluable, now you can achieve a more accurate match with video ID verification. Accura Scan is the leader in creating the most innovative user authentication services designed to offer robust protection during transactions against fraud and misrepresentations. Our intelligent video KYC solutions provide instant authentication for more seamless workflows in an easy to use interface that integrates straight into your existing applications.

The Leaders In Facial Recognition And Biometrics

Real-time feedback on the identity of your customers and clients is essential in maintaining the rigorous security standards that your business relies upon. With Accura Scan, you benefit from the experienced video KYC developers who understand the need for seamless authentication. Our KYC face verification solution is available as part of our facial recognition and biometrics package that features a full SDK optimized for use across all major platforms, including Android and iOS. We also offer our Web API service for more flexibility and usage. With complete control over your user experience, you can easily integrate our solutions for video KYC right into your applications, increasing accuracy while maintaining your brand.

Video Kyc Solution. Onboard Customers & Partners Remotely

Accelerate your verification procedure and lessen onboarding costs - Seamless Integration of AccuraScan with outsider Video KYC arrangements

Connect onboarding seamlessly to your customer acquisition process

Source Face

Paperless And Instant

Quick confirmation without the requirement for physical archive assortment.

Target Face

Face Detection

Live face identification utilizing a hearty face acknowledgment algorithm.

Match Score

Ongoing Pan Verification

Secure ongoing client information confirmation utilizing OCR.

Match Score

Geo-Location Capture + IP Check

The area is verified with scope, longitude + IP catch.

Match Score

Digital Forgery Check

Done on the showed ID evidence utilizing AI/ML-based algorithm.

Match Score

Advance Forensic Check

Video criminology for pre-recorded hazard and satire discovery is finished.

Match Score

Time-Bound Verification

Timestamp and review trail caught for each application and video.

Match Score


UIDAI agreeable check with AccuraScan Video KYC

Deal with your whole lead lifecycle from lead catch to onboarding in one single CRM

  • Application capture and distribution:
    Applications are captured through the website, landing pages, APIs, field sales teams, and banking relations, and distributed to the verification team based on pre-defined logic – regions, rep performance, agent availability, or on a round-robin basis.
  • Task creation and call initiation:
    Once the application is assigned and time and date are set, the prospect will receive a call link – the time for this is completely customizable according to your requirements. The prospect initiates the video call by clicking on the link.
  • Video KYC verification:
    During the call, the prospect holds up any of the approved documents in front of the camera. The agent takes a screenshot of the prospect as well as the document, followed by face matching. The person’s name and DOB are also captured from the document using OCR and matched with details provided by them.
  • Integrates with video KYC solution of your choice:
    AccuraScan CRM connects powerfully with any video KYC solution provider to ensure that your client acquisition process is completely connected – right from application to verification, onboarding, and closure.
  • Verification by agent and reviewer:
    The call is completed once the agent approves or disapproves, using a mix of face match results, the details captured by OCR, and his own judgment. A manager or reviewer reviews the call between the agent and prospect. Post-review, he can either accept the verification, ask the agent to repeat the video KYC process, or reject the prospect.
  • Verification completion:
    Once the reviewer has completed this the status is updated as verified or not verified. This is updated in the AccuraScan CRM and the lead can then be passed on to the next level.

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