Accelerating Customer Onboarding for Philippine Banks with Accura Scan

Accelerating Customer Onboarding for Philippine Banks with Accura Scan

In today’s digital age, customer onboarding is a pivotal process for banks and financial institutions, serving as the gateway to acquiring new customers while ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. However, achieving the delicate balance between convenience, speed, security, and regulatory adherence remains a formidable challenge. Moreover, the perpetual evolution of fraudulent tactics necessitates robust solutions to verify customer identities and thwart unauthorized access.

About SSCGI:

The Systems and Software Consulting Group Inc (SSCGI) is a leading, trusted full-service design & consulting firm specializing in providing IT solutions to businesses in areas, such as Fraud Detection (Anti-Money Laundering), Enterprise Content Management, ERP, Mobile Solutions and Customized Software Development.

The Role of Accura Scan:

Accura Scan stands as a beacon in this landscape, offering an array of AI-powered Global Digital KYC, Customer Onboarding, and Identity Verification solutions. Partnering with Systems & Software Consulting Group (SSCGI), renowned for its proficiency in implementing cutting-edge security solutions, Accura Scan empowers Philippine banks to accelerate their customer onboarding process with confidence and efficiency.

1. Identity Verification Service Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, Accura Scan, in collaboration with Systems & Software Consulting Group (SSCGI), helps establish and verify customer identities with unparalleled accuracy in real-time. Through facial and finger biometrics, Accura Scan ensures precise identification while mitigating the risk of fraud. Moreover, the iBeta Level 2 Compliant Liveness Check Solution fortifies security by detecting spoof attempts, ensuring that only legitimate individuals are onboarded.

2. Digital KYC (Know Your Customer) Accura Scan revolutionizes the eKYC process by automating and streamlining it through cutting-edge AI technologies. By harnessing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Accura Scan expedites data entry, reduces errors, and ensures compliance with KYC regulations. Furthermore, the Face Verification feature compares live faces with ID photos, supporting identity verification on algorithm refinement.

3. ID Forgery Detection, Accura Scan implements over 50 forensic checks during the onboarding process to detect and prevent ID fraud in real-time. By scrutinizing documents meticulously, Accura Scan ensures that only genuine documents are accepted, safeguarding Philippine banks against fraudulent activities.

4. Passport and Document Authentication Collaborating closely with Systems & Software Consulting Group (SSCGI), Accura Scan conducts comprehensive scans of various ID cards and passports, performing over 50 forensic checks in real time. This meticulous authentication process guarantees that Philippine banks accept only valid and unaltered documents, further enhancing security and compliance.

5. Efficiency and Cost Savings Through the adoption of Accura Scan’s solutions, Philippine banks reap numerous benefits:

· Reduced Onboarding Time: Accura Scan’s lightning-fast identity verification process, optimized by Systems & Software Consulting Group (SSCGI), significantly reduces onboarding time, enhancing operational efficiency.

· Enhanced Conversion and Retention Rates: The seamless onboarding experience facilitated by Accura Scan fosters trust and loyalty among customers, translating into higher conversion and retention rates.

· Compliance Optimization: Accura Scan’s solutions can help Philippine banks ensure adherence to KYC regulations, safeguarding their reputation and minimizing risks.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of Accura Scan and Systems & Software Consulting Group (SSCGI) provide Philippine banks with a robust, secure, and efficient solution to accelerate customer onboarding in the digital era. By harnessing Accura Scan’s innovative technologies and the consultancy expertise of Systems & Software Consulting Group (SSCGI), banks can navigate the complexities of customer onboarding with confidence, ensuring seamless operations and lasting customer relationships.