Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics Is The Future Of Online Banking

Voice biometrics has been helping banks stay on top of their games for a few years. It's no longer a far-fetched idea, especially given the current progressive state of technology. Today, the benefits of using voice biometric authentication for online banking transactions are highly recognized.

Digitization has become the new norm. There is an even greater need for traditional knowledge-based authentication methods to be replaced with something more practical

  • Enhanced Security
  • Convenient and User-Friendly Experience
  • Quick and Seamless Authentication
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards
  • Easy Scalability and Integration

A Closer Look At Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics has revolutionized the banking industry since its introduction in 2014, and by 2018, banks started recognizing its immense value and began partnering with technology start-ups to incorporate this priceless technology. The adoption of voice biometrics in banking offers numerous benefits for both banks and customers alike.

Voice biometrics leverages the unique voice patterns and characteristics of individuals, making it extremely difficult for fraudsters to impersonate someone else. By analyzing various voice parameters, such as pitch, rhythm, and pronunciation, banks can accurately authenticate users and ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to their accounts. This heightened security measure minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities and protects sensitive financial information.

Instead of remembering complex passwords or providing answers to security questions, users can simply speak a passphrase or provide a voice sample for authentication. This eliminates the need for customers to recall multiple login credentials and reduces frustration associated with forgotten passwords. The convenience and ease of voice biometrics streamline the online banking experience, saving time and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Voice Biometrics ?

Here’s a quick comparison between voice biometrics and other types of biometrics:

Voice biometrics

  • Voice biometrics is independent. It does not depend on anyone for authentication purposes except for the user’s voice.
  • It ensures 100% accuracy. There is next to no area for errors.
  • Voice biometrics will not be subject to phishing scams as there’s not much scope for the same.
  • There’s room for an upgrade with voice biometrics, in case there’s a loophole discovered.

Other types of biometrics

  • Knowledge-based authentication depends on the user’s caution. For example, users are required to think deeply and come up with an unbeatable 4-digit pin to safeguard their accounts.
  • Since it heavily relies on the human brain, there’s room for repeated mistakes.
  • Thousands are subject to phishing scams even today, despite numerous warnings issued.
  • Knowledge-based authentication has reached its saturation point.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing Voice Biometrics ?

Following are the most prominent benefits of employing voice biometrics.

Quick And Easy

Voice recognition biometrics will enable banks to offer customers a quick and easy banking solution. Users will no longer be required to clear various stages of accessing their accounts.

Higher Security

Banks and customers can enjoy a secured transaction using voice authentication technology. On the contrary, traditional knowledge-based authentication methods often lead to several phishing scams.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

A voice verification system is a boon, not just for customers but also for banks as well. Banks and customers will have meaningful engagements and recognize their customers quicker.

Improve Efficiency

Voice biometrics solutions will improve the efficiency of the services provided by banking systems. There will be accurately designed systems that leave no room for mistakes.

Ensures Accuracy

Voice biometric verification will ensure accuracy. For example, the technology will recognize the user’s voice while mapping it against the various characteristics of their voice.


Q. Define voice biometrics and how does it work ?

Voice biometric systems scan an individual’s voice for authentication purposes. They are designed to extract voice characteristics that help them identify the person and match them to the voiceprint or voice template they have stored in their database.

Q. What are the benefits of a voice biometrics solution ?

They are a quick, secure, and accurate user verification solution.

Q. Is Accura Scan’s voice biometrics solution secure ?

Accura Scan voice biometrics solution is completely secured and meets high security standards.

Q. Is voice biometrics the future of user authentication ?

Voice biometrics companies are on a constant growth trajectory because voice biometrics triumphs over all other types of biometrics due to the secured, efficient banking solution it offers.

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Voice biometric identification is taking the banking sector to a whole new level. It will cater to the new generation (i.e., the millennial and gen Z users), making the transition from traditional methods to new ones much easier.

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Accura Scan SDK Integration is Quick & Simple

Seamlessly Integrate our GDPR & ISO Certified API & Server / Mobile SDK with your system & apps. Works Offline across Multiple Platforms