Accura Scan Partners with Comviva for ENDA’s Digital Transformation

Accura Scan Partners with Comviva for ENDA’s Digital Transformation

In the rapidly evolving world of digital identity verification & onboarding, Accura Scan has established itself as a pioneer with its ID Scanning solution (OCR, MRZ, NFC Verification), Facial Biometrics, and iBeta Level 2 Compliant Liveness Check Solution. The company’s partnership with Comviva, a global leader in providing digital financial solutions, is set to revolutionize ENDA’s digital transformation journey. 

ENDA is a Tunisian microfinance company & a pioneer in the microfinance sector in Tunisia. It works for the financial inclusion of vulnerable populations, particularly women & young people which are generally excluded from the traditional financial ecosystem, by providing active support to micro-entrepreneurship & self-employment.  

Comviva brings to the table its extensive experience in telecommunications and digital financial solutions, with a presence in over 95 countries and a suite of products that enrich the lives of over two billion people. This partnership will enable ENDA to digitally transform its operations & streamline its processes, improving it qualitatively & quantitatively, while also ensuring a seamless Customer Onboarding experience. 

Accura Scan’s technology will play a crucial role in preventing Fraud and ensuring Compliance within ENDA’s digital ecosystem. By integrating Accura Scan’s advanced technology, ENDA can offer its customers a swift, secure, and seamless verification process, which is essential for industries such as Banking, Finance, Gaming, Dating apps, Telecommunication, Travel, Insurance, and Hospitality. 

The collaboration between Accura Scan and Comviva for ENDA’s digital transformation signifies a strategic alliance that will set new standards in Digital KYC, Identity Verification, and Customer Onboarding. It is a testament to Accura Scan’s ability to serve any industry looking to verify or onboard customers without the risk of fraud. 

As ENDA continues to innovate & grow, this partnership will ensure that the company remains at the forefront of digital transformation, providing its customers with the assurance of a secure and efficient identity verification process. Clients can now entrust ENDA with a reliable and efficient identity verification process, solidifying the company’s commitment to excellence in the dynamic landscape of digital identity solutions. 

In conclusion, the Accura Scan and Comviva partnership underscores a paradigm shift in digital customer identification & onboarding, propelling ENDA to new heights in the digital era. As technology continues to evolve, this collaboration ensures that ENDA remains a front-runner in providing secure & qualitative support to its user base.