Accura Scan Emerges as a Leader in NIST FRVT, for its Revolutionary Facial Biometrics & Liveness Verification

Accura Scan Emerges as a Leader in NIST FRVT, for its Revolutionary Facial Biometrics & Liveness Verification

Accura Scan, a renowned global provider of Digital KYC, Biometrics, and Identity Verification services, has topped the NIST FRVT leaderboard for its Face Biometrics Solutions, solidifying its position as a leader in the field. These remarkable rankings across various NIST FRVT face recognition leaderboards underscore Accura Scan’s supremacy in the industry. Notably, leaderboard ranking highlights their cutting-edge Facial Recognition technology, and combined with its iBeta Level 2 Liveness Detection, makes it the ONLY company in APAC & MENA to have achieved this level of compliance & rankings. 

The NIST, operating under the US Department of Commerce, administers the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), evaluating the efficacy of automated face recognition technologies in diverse security applications across governmental, corporate, and civil entities. Accura Scan’s technology excels in pivotal areas such as image checks for visas, deduplication checks on passport photographs, and customer onboarding processes in Crypto and FinTech applications.  

Accura Scan caters to businesses worldwide by offering Digital KYC, Identity Verification, and fraud check solutions. Its high accuracy enables seamless identity verification even under challenging real-life conditions, substantially reducing costs associated with manual verification and accelerating customer onboarding processes.  

Mr. Yasin Patel, Founder and CEO, emphasized the significance of accuracy and reliability in face recognition & Liveness Detection for their clients.  

In addition to identity verification, Accura Scan’s face recognition technology is employed in face authentication use cases.  

Director – Sales & Marketing, Mr. Reza Writer, underlined the team’s can-do approach to innovation, reflected in their recent rankings on the NIST leaderboard, validating the robustness of their systems.  

About Accura Scan: 

Accura Scan has evolved to become a truly global B2B company in the Digital KYC & Identity Verification space, delivering AI-driven identity verification/KYC solutions to firms across various sectors including Banks, Telecommunications, Fintech, BFSI, Airlines, Marketplace, Healthcare and EdTech across the globe. With a track record of verifying over 3 million identities monthly, Accura Scan’s AI is trained on a wide spectrum of facial variations and ID formats. Its offerings include identity verification, customer onboarding, face authentication, document verification, minimizing customer drop-offs, and preventing identity fraud while adhering to KYC/AML compliance.  

Accura Scan’s face recognition technology is deployed via its partners for diverse industry-specific use cases. The company strictly upholds an ethics policy ensuring customer information privacy and compliance with local regulations globally.  

Accura Scan proudly holds the distinction of being one of the few companies worldwide to obtain an iBeta Level 2 certification for single image passive liveness detection module.  

Delivering on its vision of ‘Biometrics for All’, Accura Scan is offering its core solutions – the OCR, Face Recognition & the Liveness Check – completely free for Start-Ups established 2020 onwards, under its Start-Up Plan. Visit our website for more information.   

To summarize, Accura Scan has emerged not merely as a leader but as a vanguard in the digital KYC landscape, facilitating swift, accurate, and secure customer identity verification. Its diverse range of solutions caters comprehensively across industries, spanning banking, finance, gaming, telecommunication, insurance, and hospitality. By mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities during customer onboarding and verification processes, Accura Scan safeguards businesses and users alike.