Accura Scan ID Card Scanner – Features & Advantages

Accura Scan OCR mobile app technology provides you with the ability to effectively use the device camera and quickly scan a passport, visa, id cards to a mobile device. Best use for eKYC, User ID Capture, Verification and User Authentication. Lets Authenticate Humans and not Devices.

Accura Scan features – best document scanner app

OCR ID Capture

OCR ID Capture

User Authentication

Real time Authentication

Data Security

Data security - All data is transmitted and stored securely


android passport document scanning and recognition API/SDK

OCR - Identity Card Capture

Our strong and accurate OCR engine captures data from the User ID Card. Our SDK reads MRZ and Full OCR data from Passport, Driver License, VISA Document and National ID Cards.

With Accura Scan you can drastically improve your processes and stay top on your business at same time.

Realtime Scan

In fast growing digital world "Knowing Your Customer" is most important then ever. We need to Authenticate Humans and not Devices and enter into a P@ssW0rD less World.

Our product effortlessly recognizes Users and Authenticate them in real time.

Data Security

Works in real-time, locally on your device, without Internet connection. User Authentication can be installed on your premised

If you using our SDK then you can customize things on your end.


The SDK (software development kit) / API (application program interface) can be easily integrated into your application(s) and has the ability to increase the speed of the reading process by making use of real-time scanning ability.

Use our Demo App and Developer Account to Download Project with SDK & Generate 30 days demo license keys

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A smart solution to easily get integrated with SDK & API available for iOS, Android, Windows, Centos & Web platform. Works locally on a device without depending on Internet Connection. Use mobile OCR SDK / Web API now for FREE.

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