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Many online services and products have a minimum age requirement to protect minors from accessing inappropriate or harmful content. However, simply asking users to tick an ‘‘I am 18 years of age’’ checkbox or enter a date of birth is not a reliable or effective way to verify their age. Users can easily lie or bypass these methods, exposing themselves and the service providers to legal and ethical risks. A comprehensive identity screening solution, enabled with age verification, is necessary to ensure compliance with regulations and safeguard the interests of both users and providers. By using advanced technologies such as biometric authentication, document verification, and facial recognition, a digital age verification solution can verify the user’s age in a simple, secure, and convenient way. This way, users can access the services they want without compromising their privacy or security, and providers can avoid fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage. Digital age verification is the future of online identity verification.

Age-confined ventures are limited by administrative and social commitments to check their clients

Many businesses that offer sensitive services such as gambling, dating apps, matrimonial sites, prohibited drug information, or adult content need to ensure that their customers are of legal age and comply with the regulations of their jurisdictions. However, verifying the age of online users can be challenging and costly, especially when dealing with fake or forged IDs. That’s why Accura Scan offers an online age-verification solution using facial biometrics that can verify the user’s age by simply asking them to take a selfie. In cases where the user’s ID is required, Accura Scan can extract data from any government ID card globally and perform a face-match and liveness check to ensure that the user is the same person shown in their ID photo and that they are present during the verification. This protects businesses from any spoofing attacks. Accura Scan’s solution is fast, accurate, secure, and fully compliant. With Accura Scan, businesses can protect themselves from fraudulent claims and poor compliance while restricting underage users from accessing their services.

Industrial Use cases

Certain industries have moral and regulatory obligations to verify the age of their customers




Online dating websites

Gambling & lotteries

Age verification is significant for all these industries. Download
Accura Scan’s age verification white paper to learn more.

Secure Your Minors

CDC expressed that on normal liquor is the factor behind the passings of 4,358 underage individuals. Organizations selling age-confined items are under the social duty to forestall underage deals and spare minors from fraudsters in online spaces, for example, gaming and dating stages. Become an all the more socially capable substance with online age check.

KYC is Inevitable

The legal age to purchase and sell the age-limited item is 18 years in the vast majority of the nations. Consistence with laws, for example, COPPA, the Gambling Act UK, FFDCA, and NVP requires the age-confined merchants to check the age and personality of their clients and to take fundamental measures to decrease minor abuse on their foundation. Consistence with Know Your Customer guidelines will enable your business to pick up validity and market an incentive as a consistent substance.

Compelling Age Verification with Accura Scan

Accura Scan’s identity screening arrangement empowers you to installed real clients
while sparing your business and minors from fraudsters

Age verification

Accura Scan’s age check arrangement removes date of birth from government provided ID records, to ascertain the current age of the individual. Different accreditations, for example, name, address and ID card number are likewise checked to act top to bottom character screening. Artificial intelligence based arrangements are engaged to check the default configuration of the character reports too.

Fraud prevention

Accura Scan Provides an Age Verification Solution That Uses Government-Issued ID Records to Determine the Current Age of An Individual, Without Disclosing Their Date of Birth. The Solution Also Conducts Comprehensive Identity Screening by Verifying Various Credentials Such as Name, Address, and ID Card Number. To Ensure Accuracy, Accura Scan Utilizes Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions to Analyze the Structure and Format of The Identity Documents.

Liveness detection

Due to An Increase in Spoofing Activities, Accura Scan Employs State-Of-The-Art Anti-Spoofing Techniques, Including Liveness Detection And 3D Depth Perception. Our Age Verification Solution Is Powered by Biometric Authentication, Ensuring That the Individual Making a Purchase or Creating an Account Is Genuinely Present.

Ongoing investigation

After Successfully Verifying Your Customer, Accura Scan's Online Verification Ensures That Only the Original Owner of The Account Can Log in and Make Purchases Online. It Also Verifies Identity During Ongoing Interactions.

Accura Scan SDK Integration is Quick & Simple

Seamlessly Integrate our GDPR & ISO Certified API & Server / Mobile SDK with your system & apps. Works Offline across Multiple Platforms
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Accura Scan SDK Integration is Quick & Simple

Seamlessly Integrate our GDPR & ISO Certified API & Server / Mobile SDK with your system & apps. Works Offline across Multiple Platforms