From Vision to Victory – Accura Scan awarded for excellence in RegTech Solutions

From Vision to Victory – Accura Scan awarded for excellence in RegTech Solutions

In the ever-evolving world of digital identity, where security and compliance intertwine, Accura Scan emerges as a shining beacon. This Mumbai-based company, dedicated to providing a complete and comprehensive suite for Global Digital KYC, Identity Verification, and Customer Onboarding, has recently been awarded the Best RegTech Solution at the Bharat Fintech Summit 2024. This prestigious recognition stands as a testament to Accura Scan’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the RegTech domain. 

From its inception, Accura Scan has been driven by a clear vision to empower businesses with seamless and secure customer onboarding solutions while ensuring adherence to stringent regulations. This vision translates into a comprehensive suite of services that cater to various industries, including banking, finance, gaming, dating apps, telecommunication, travel, insurance, and hospitality. 

At the core of Accura Scan’s offerings lies its robust ID Scanning solution, powered by cutting-edge technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), and NFC Verification. This solution effortlessly extracts and verifies data from various identity documents, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, Accura Scan takes security a step further with its iBeta Level 2 Compliant Liveness Check Solution. This advanced technology employs Facial Biometrics through sophisticated algorithms to analyze facial movements and patterns captured simply by a phone camera, ensuring the presence and liveness of the user and effectively thwarting attempts at fraud. It also matches the selfie image with the image on the ID card to confirm if the user is who he claims to be and not someone else. The facial biometrics solution offered by Accura Scan not only protects businesses from spoofing/deepfake attacks but also from identity theft.  

The benefits of partnering with Accura Scan are manifold. Businesses can leverage its solutions to: 

Streamline customer onboarding: Accura Scan’s intuitive interface and automated processes significantly reduce onboarding time, leading to improved customer experience and satisfaction. 

Enhance security: The company’s robust verification methods minimize the risk of fraud and identity theft, safeguarding businesses and customers alike. 

Ensure compliance: Accura Scan’s GDPR and iBeta Level 2 compliance guarantee adherence to global regulatory standards, providing peace of mind to businesses operating across borders. 

Reduce costs: The automation and efficiency offered by Accura Scan’s solutions translate into significant cost savings for businesses. 

Accura Scan’s commitment to excellence extends beyond technology. The company boasts a team of seasoned experts who provide unwavering support and guidance to its clients. This ensures that businesses can fully leverage the potential of Accura Scan’s solutions and achieve their desired outcomes. 

The recent award at the Bharat Fintech Summit 2024 serves as a well-deserved endorsement of Accura Scan’s dedication to innovation and excellence. It highlights the company’s exceptional contribution to the RegTech & Fintech space and positions it as a trusted partner for businesses seeking accurate, quick, secure, and efficient customer onboarding solutions. As Accura Scan continues its journey, one can be certain that it will remain at the forefront of RegTech, shaping the future of secure and compliant digital identity verification.