Fast, Accurate Digital KYC with Face Match/Biometrics & Authentication

When your business depends upon knowing your customers, then you need powerful OCR app technology. Accura Scan is the leader in digital KYC, offering an innovative OCR environment that seamlessly integrates into your existing technology, including an ID card scanner, passport scanner, and more. Now, you can perform user authentication at the highest levels quickly and efficiently with a feature-rich ID card reader. Our digital KYC solution makes it easy to scan IDs, documents, and even perform face recognition. Suitable for use across all of the popular operating systems, our OCR scanner app is designed to reduce transaction friction while enabling a more powerful way to work.


Digital kyc

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Identity Card Scan

Identity Card Scan

100% OCR Accuracy. Scans the ID Card, Auto fill and Verifying the Document

Face Match

Face Match

Matching the User Selfie with the photo shown in the ID Card.

Liveness Check

Liveness Check

Was the person himself present while doing the transaction? or submitting KYC doucments? or while opening the account?


Accura Scan Identity Verfication gives result immediately in Real Time. Know your Real Customers

Identity verification service

KYC compliance made easy with Fraud Prevention, AML, and ID Verification Services

Every modern business relies upon transactions, and you face risk with every one. Accura Scan has integrated the most efficient iOS and Android OCR with AML verification, passport scanner ability, MRZ reader support, and a fully functional ID card reader. Our ID scanner app works so quickly to provide you with a match within seconds, speeding up your transactions with higher security every time. Our ID card scanner solution makes it easy to protect your business while ensuring proper KYC compliance. Suitable for use in all sectors and with compliance to worldwide data privacy standards, Accura Scan delivers an exceptional user experience for user authentication at scale.


Key Benefits

ID Verification

Check whether ID is valid and authentic

Similarity Check

Make sure the person holding the ID is the same person shown in the ID photo.


Comply with growing regulations round the globe.

Liveness Check

Real time Liveness Check using certified Selfie technology for Preventing Fraud.

User Experience

Ease of use while user verification done in real time, remotely.


On Device Processing, On Premise Solution. No Data leaves the device. GDPR compliant.

How It Works

ID Card Scan

ID Card Scan

  • Scans front and back side of the ID Card
  • Full OCR
  • 100% Accuracy
  • Detects Face from the ID Card
  • Auto fills the form
Validity Check

Liveness Check

  • Not cropped from ID
  • Not a photo of the ID
  • Not from screen, video, or paper
  • Age-difference acceptable
  • Face is present and fully visible
Result Yes or NO

Result Yes or NO

  • Real time Results
  • Full OCR Results
  • Face Match Score
  • Liveness Scrore
  • Remote Authentication

Trusted By The World's Best

Commercial Bank of Dubai
Ahli United Bank
Ahli Bank
Bank Nizwa
Gulf Bank
NEC Payments
T Mobile
Decurtis Corporation
Jose De Mello

Accura Scan Digital ID Verification

A smart solution to easily get integrated with SDK & API available for iOS, Android, Windows, Centos & Web platform. Works locally on a device without depending on Internet Connection. Use mobile OCR SDK / Web API now for FREE.

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