aml screening

Automated AML

Our advanced system enables automated identification of potentially high-risk customers in real-time, providing you with a robust defense against financial risks. With our trusted Anti-Money Laundering (AML) arrangements, we ensure thorough screening and analysis of customer profiles, detecting any suspicious activities or red flags that may indicate potential risks. Our comprehensive solution includes politically exposed persons (PEP) screening, a vital component in evaluating customer backgrounds and affiliations. By continuously monitoring sanctions lists, we proactively identify individuals or entities with restricted or prohibited involvement, preventing your business from engaging in illicit transactions. With our cutting-edge technology and proactive measures, you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of customer risk management and maintain the integrity and compliance of your operations.

  • Identify high-risk customers, mitigate risks, ensure compliance.
  • Trusted AML, PEP screening, and sanctions list monitoring for thorough due diligence.
  • Proactively prevent illicit activity involvement, safeguarding your business.

What makes Accura Scan’s AML
Compliance stand out

Accura Scan offers access to 3000+ datasets procured from international sources including OFAC, EU, HMT, UN, DFAT and others. The AML data repository is updated on a regular basis.

Investors’ Due Diligence
Confirmation of financial investors and continuous checking of sanctions list.
Global Risk Management
Screening performed against global monitoring agencies and jurisprudence.
AML Risk Reporting
Data management with complete screening proof of AML status.
Global Regulatory Compliance
Compliance with GDPR.

AML Monitoring completed in seconds

Accura Scan's AML mechanism works keenly to reduce categorical risks. Anti-Money Laundering leverages enormous information and mixture of innovation for higher exactness and steady outcomes.

Worldwide AML checks are done progressively to empower associations to prevent any financial risks associated with fraudulent customers.


Monitoring and screening incoming customers against global sanction lists and adverse media databases.


3000+ official international criminal watchlists, and warning lists covered by Financial Action Task Force.


A global database maintained in accordance with international guidelines with PEP risk compliance rankings and AML/CFT measures.

A Step towards global
regulatory compliance

Maintain KYC and AML Compliance to Mitigate Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

Accura Scan is:

  • PCI DSS compliant
  • GDPR compliant

Implement AML Risk Screening Programs to
Suit Your Business Requirements

Verify and Screen

Perform Customer due diligence (CDD) on clients in seconds through a single API request with digital KYC and AML confirmation

Batch Screening

Accura Scan Is High-Precision AML Software That Can Monitor The Credentials Of Existing Clients And Reduce The Risk Of Fraud To Zero

Ongoing AML Checks

By assigning a changing status to high-risk individuals' profiles, you can keep an eye on any changes in their credibility over time

Accura Scan SDK Integration is Quick & Simple

Seamlessly Integrate our GDPR & ISO Certified API & Server / Mobile SDK with your system & apps. Works Offline across Multiple Platforms
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Accura Scan SDK Integration is Quick & Simple

Seamlessly Integrate our GDPR & ISO Certified API & Server / Mobile SDK with your system & apps. Works Offline across Multiple Platforms