Synergizing for KYC Compliance with Accura Scan and GetCore Group

Synergizing for KYC Compliance with Accura Scan and GetCore Group

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Accura Scan and GetCore Group, two industry leaders in digital solutions, have joined forces to reshape the landscape of KYC compliance, identity verification, and customer onboarding. This strategic alliance not only underscores their commitment to elevating industry standards but also solidifies their shared vision of delivering cutting-edge solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. 

GetCore Group, from Tanzania, stands out as one of the few companies at the forefront of innovative end-to-end technology provision. With a profound vision to transform the way businesses in Africa operate and make decisions, GetCore aims to harness the power of technology to drive efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth. 

Comprising three dedicated divisions, GetCore Group specializes in providing comprehensive technology solutions: 

  1. Software Division: This division is actively engaged in developing and implementing ERP, CRM, HRM, system integrations, and bespoke enterprise solutions. By focusing on software solutions tailored to specific business needs, GetCore enhances operational efficiency and ensures seamless integration within the technological ecosystem
  2. Infrastructure Division: With a sharp focus on network infrastructure solutions, server management, and data center management, GetCore ensures a robust foundation for businesses to thrive. The Infrastructure Division plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining the technological backbone necessary for streamlined operations.
  3. Security Division: Recognizing the paramount importance of security in today’s digital landscape, GetCore’s Security Division specializes in application security, infrastructure security, and cybersecurity. By implementing cutting-edge security measures, businesses can safeguard their digital assets and customer data, fostering trust and compliance.

The synergy between Accura Scan and GetCore Group is a testament to their commitment to fostering efficiency, driving innovation, and promoting sustainable growth in African businesses. 

Accura Scan, with its GDPR and iBeta Level 2 compliance, brings a suite of solutions including OCR, MRZ, and NFC verification for ID scanning, face match technology, iBeta Level 2 compliant liveness check solutions, and optical fingerprint biometrics. 

Accura Scan’s innovative fingerprint biometrics, operating without the need for additional hardware devices, stands out as a cost-effective security solution across diverse industries. By collaborating with GetCore Group, Accura Scan amplifies its impact on identity verification and compliance, reflecting their joint dedication to delivering secure and efficient onboarding processes. 

For businesses seeking top-tier fraud prevention, secure onboarding, and compliance adherence, the partnership offers a range of benefits: 

Robust Compliance: Accura Scan and GetCore Group deliver advanced solutions ensuring robust compliance with rigorous regulatory standards. 

Enhanced Security: Businesses benefit from top-tier fraud prevention and secure onboarding using Accura Scan’s innovative tech, coupled with GetCore’s Security Division expertise. 

Tailored Solutions: Industry-specific solutions maintain security standards across diverse sectors, thanks to the combined capabilities of both entities. 

Cost-Effective Measures: Accura Scan’s technology, complemented by GetCore’s efficient software solutions, offers powerful yet cost-effective security solutions. 

Seamless Integration: The partnership ensures smooth integration, minimizing disruptions in existing systems, a key consideration for businesses aiming to optimize efficiency. 

Strategic Alliance: Accura Scan and GetCore Group’s collaboration focuses on addressing identity verification and compliance needs in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. 

Future-Proof Solutions: Businesses receive adaptable solutions that keep pace with evolving regulations and technology, aligning with GetCore’s commitment to driving innovation. 

In conclusion, Accura Scan and GetCore Group’s collaborative efforts are poised to revolutionize African businesses’ operational capabilities, promoting efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth. GDPR and iBeta Level 2 compliance from Accura Scan ensures robust data security, while GetCore’s expertise in software, infrastructure, and security divisions contributes to a holistic approach to technological solutions. Contact us today to explore how this powerful partnership can empower and transform your business in the digital era.