The Relation of ID Scanning App and Hotel Industry

The Relation of ID Scanning App and Hotel Industry

A hotel should be proud of itself if a guest makes a special mention of its hospitality services in conversations about the stay and the trip.

This industry thrives on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Any glitch in their services can make them lose their customers forever because there are several other competitors around waiting for a catch. Right from the check-in to check-out, a guest’s experience should be seamless.

It is said, first impression is the last impression. The relation of an ID scanning app and a hotel begins in the very first stage of a hotel-guest encounter that is the check-in or registration process. So, if there’s fault in the beginning itself, chances are that the customer will be very critical throughout the stay. Manual typing of data can dissatisfy the guests for its time consuming nature. In the smart age, there isn’t any industry that is bereft of the advantages of technology. Hotels are not far behind too. They are embracing smart technology wherever applicable to accelerate their productivity.

A broad overview of what an ID scanning app does for a hotel:

  • Mobile ID scanning apps rescue the receptionist from manual data typing and in greeting the guests more warmly
  • A mobile scanning app eliminates the need of an expensive physical scanning device and its maintenance costs
  • An ID scanning app helps in scanning the entire data from the ID cards, Visas, Passports, Driving License etc
  • Saves time and paper

How is Accura Scan ideal for hotels?  

Accura Scan is the pioneer of ID scanning apps. It was introduced with an objective to streamline the daily guest registration process of the hotel industry with its scanning solutions.


Accura Scan’s technology helps to effectively scan ID cards, Visa, Passport, Driving License and other documents using the smartphone camera. To read the document the app takes just 500 milliseconds! This can be aptly called lightning fast speed. The tired guests no longer have to wait in queues for their lengthy registration process. They can get over with their check-in formality quickly.


Accura Scan helps eliminate the risk of error involved in manual data typing. Every detail is extracted accurately from the documents. Accuracy is an essential feature for efficiency in business. In future the hotel can look through the customers’ records if needed without experiencing any lack or error of information.


The licensed version of Accura Scan comes with a special SDK/API that the businesses can use to widen the potential aspects of the app.

Using the SDK/API they can integrate the app with existing ones or customize it depending on their requirements and pattern of operation. The app can be used to track, sort, search and print the collected data.

Secured Digital Storage

The scanning feature is functional even without internet connection. After scanning or extracting the information from the documents it transfers the guest information with an end to end encryption in the application’s cloud servers for digital security.  The desired guest information can be sent to a particular database or system using the SDK customization. It can also be integrated with the PMS (Property Management System) of a hotel. Digital storage of data also saves the cost of expensive scanners and its maintenance, papers, printouts and filing.

Accura Scan improves the overall business efficiency of hotels with its smooth and fast function giving maximum satisfaction to hotel staff and their visitors.