How useful are Document Scanning Apps for Airlines Industry?

How useful are Document Scanning Apps for Airlines Industry?

In the last few years, the airline industry across the world has experienced an unprecedented change. The passenger traffic has registered significant growth. An increase in automation of processes and security concerns is also a visible change.

Technology is now playing a pivotal role in the airline industry. While the Dubai International Airport is all geared up to introduce face scanning soon, there are others who prefer full-body scanners to ensure airport security.

So, document scanning apps are definitely useful for the airline industry as such apps are fast, accurate, and inexpensive.

Minimize waiting time for travelers

The New European Union rules for travelers are stringent than before. The scenario is almost same in the United States of America. Travelers wait for hours in serpentine queues. All hell broke loose when UK holidaymakers waited for over four hours across the European airports in July 2017.

Equipping the mobile devices of officials entrusted with the job of identity verification with a document scanning app that can scan ID cards or passports of travelers in an instant can significantly save the waiting time. Officials can easily then check the scanned passports against a central database.

At most of the world’s busy airports, the check-in process is at a snail’s pace. For first-time fliers, the experience becomes quite frustrating. For someone rushing to attend an important business meeting or a family funeral, it could be the worst nightmare. However, a document scanning app streamlines the entire check-in process without spending a fortune.

Allows an instant verification of staff identity

In an airline industry, maintaining security is a critical aspect. So, the identity of travelers and the staff members undergo a verification on an everyday basis. In fact, in several airlines, pilots, flight attendants, and baggage handlers have to wear ID badges. In spite of these measures, there could be loopholes in security.

A document scanning app in such a scenario proves handy with its ability to scan ID cards of airport staff members and its ability to offer secured storage of scanned data. Staff members could also scan their ID cards themselves at a go to send them to their supervisors for quick verification.

Facilitates an easy record maintenance

Every airline company has a requirement of MRO services for aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Maintenance documents grow in size over the years. These documents can get misplaced or entirely lost in case of an ownership change of an airline company.

A document scanning app solves the persisting problem faced by the airline MRO by digitizing the paper documents. It converts them into text that they can store on a cloud server for easy record maintenance.

In short, document scanning apps have the potential to prove indispensable to the airline industry. Moreover, some of these apps are light-weight and can run without the need for internet connectivity.

With just a tap of a finger, an individual can scan the machine-readable data of documents like passports, visa, and more extracts the same and convert it into a text to save for future reference. Airlines can also customize these mobile apps by purchasing their SDK (software development kit) to serve their specific purpose.

In the wake of security threats looming on busy international airports, airlines are spending millions of dollars on sophisticated scanners like 3-D bag scanners and iris or fingerprint scanners. It is time to explore the advantages of a mobile document scanning app for an enhanced security without putting a burden on the airline exchequer.