How Does Accura Scan Serve Immigration Department?

How Does Accura Scan Serve Immigration Department?

Any loopholes in security checking at the immigration counter can cause huge damage to a country’s safety. Only after strict vigilance and scrutiny of the visa and passport, a person gets the access to step on a foreign land. The immigration inspectors are well trained and experienced for their jobs but having said that, a human can always err.

So, to relieve them from this towering stress of scanning each document physically and remove all chances of error they should employ the benefits of a mobile document scanning app.

Accura scan is the future of ID card scanning. It is ideal for immigration department or Border Control authority because it is built with an objective to provide relevant and accurate scanning solution.

  • The futuristic Accura Scan first needs to be installed in a smartphone having a good quality camera.
  • After installation the app is ready to be used. The immigration authority can use it to scan the relevant documents like passports and visas.
  • Accura Scan just takes 500 milliseconds to read and scan the document. It extracts the data from the image and saves it in the application’s cloud. Following the scan the content can be saved to the application’s cloud server or any other preferred cloud of the user. This helps to digitally store the important information about each immigrant for future verification or checking if needed.
  • With our SDK/API the app can be integrated with other relevant apps that are being used by the authority. This way the app gets a dynamism catering to the users’ needs.
  • The app works locally, in real time, without the use of internet connection.
  • It provides the facility of authentication of documents so that there are no chances of fraudulent or fake documents being approved.
  • Scanning with a traditional scanner involves a lot of steps for scanning and saving in the required destination. But with Accura Scan, the process is lightning fast. Just a tap is enough to read and scan the document. This helps to do away with the delays in traditional method scanning and restricting long queues of passengers at the immigration counter. Our app saves the cost of an expensive device scanner and its maintenance too.
  • As a result the immigration inspectors too are relieved of the strenuous burden of checking and scanning bulk documents.
  • Additional helpful features of the smart app are that it can sort, search, print and generate report. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Accura Scan makes the entire process smooth, fast and accurate.

Our endeavor is to provide seamless mobile scanning service for the benefit of all relevant industries and to boost their productivity. We are ready to respond to any assistance needed regarding Accura Scan.