Scanning Solutions Offered By Accurascan For Airlines Industry

Scanning Solutions Offered By Accurascan For Airlines Industry

Today, the airline travel industry is fervently pursuing business growth and innovation on two major fronts – digital transformation and customer experience. Airline carriers have realized that providing the best customer experience to their customers is what is going to make them stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, with every passing day, more and more airline operators are waking up to the fact that digital transformation is going to play a key role in providing a seamless customer experience.

Travel businesses are taking a different approach to generating revenue from their customers while they are still on the go and with their respective airlines. This may take the form of cross-selling and other forms of promotion. In order for these activities to succeed, brands need to engage with their customers and make their experience fruitful thereby building upon their loyalty and trust.

How do OCR apps help in the airline and travel industry?

Document scanning apps have varied applications in the airline and travel industry.

In the airline industry, OCR apps can help streamline the check-in process greatly. For example, every day there are lots of passengers who run behind schedule to catch their flight. These passengers often risk missing their flights altogether. Which is why many airlines routinely notify their passengers who have not checked in to do their web check in at regular intervals starting a few hours before the scheduled take off. These passengers can then log onto the web check-in page of the airline’s website and complete their check-ins.

Unfortunately, trying to accomplish a web check-in through the cumbersome keyboard of a mobile device on a mobile website or app can not only be a tedious but also an error-prone affair. To avoid this, many airlines are now actively incorporating OCR technology into their apps. With the help of the same, passengers can now scan their passports and upload the data to the server with the help of the mobile phone camera in a matter of seconds. The system can then authenticate and verify the data.

How does Accurascan help in the airline industry?

Accurascan is an ID card, Visa, and Passport scanning technology. It is easy to use and can read and scan ID cards and passports. This helps in an automated, easy, accurate and fast mode of data entry for passenger information into the computer systems.

In the hectic atmosphere of airport scheduling and check-in, accurascan document scanning app shaves off valuable seconds if not minutes from the amount of time it takes to upload information. Additionally, it can also authenticate the documents.

Below we enlist some of the salient benefits of the Accurascan app – 

  • Saves time by executing quick check-in through the device camera
  • Works on both iOS and Android platforms
  • No more human error
  • Allows for the editing of the scanned images
  • Provides storage facilities
  • Saves costs on document filing and copying
  • User-friendly report generation, search, print, sort and tracking features
  • Automates the manual process of document filing, collection, and submission
  • Improves productivity

Do you belong to the airline industry? Are you in need of a document scanning OCR app? If yes, download the free demo version of the Accurascan app today from the App store or the Google Play Store.