Benefits of Accurascan for Tour Operators

Benefits of Accurascan for Tour Operators

It is needless to say that mobile apps have impacted businesses in its full vigor across all industries. Any company not relying on an app for its business development will be way behind its competitors who have resorted to one.

Accura Scan is an ID Scanner App built with OCR and MRZ technology. It means that the app can extract data from the relevant documents and save it for future use. Accura Scan has benefited various industries like Aviation, Telecom, Banking and Finance, Travel and Tourism and others with its futuristic technology and highly efficient performance.

The objective of the Accura Scan mobile app makers was to give seamless and substantial service to its users. The outcome of its origin is outstanding as it has significantly helped companies with its scanning solutions and raised their productivity levels higher than before. It has also made their work more organized and fast.

The several benefits of Accura Scan for Travel agents or Tour Operators are summed up below.

Saves Space

A travel agent’s job is a paper-intensive one. They have their desks covered up with piles of papers, files, registers and maybe another desk reserved for a device scanner in case they are using one. As opposed to a traditional scanner Accura Scan is a portable id scanner app. It exists in smartphones and works locally any time any place. The user can use the app at the point of need instead of having to move up to the device scanner every time and get engaged with the lengthy process of manually programming or commanding the scanner. Scanning the documents and papers with Accura Scan converts the data into digital form and stores it in the cloud or other personal software. Therefore, there is no need to allot any physical space for the innumerous files and registers with the use of Accura Scan.

Saves Time

Manual typing or data entry involves a lot of time. This time should be used in other productive work rather than filling up forms that can be done digitally with Accura Scan. The process of scanning is accurate, hence, there is no time wasted in re-checking with the data provided by the customers or experience hassle over incorrect information. Accurate information saves considerable time and enables in serving the customers better by maintaining regular contact, informing them about important information, offers, discounts etc. The collected digital data can be used to directly send to the hotels for bookings without any lengthy process.

Organized Work

Organized work is directly proportional to efficiency. The common problem encountered in a company involving paperwork is the lack of systematic approach. No plans or formats are of any use once the paper load is gradually on the rise. The employees become confused with their safe and organized upkeep. It is therefore always best to convert the medium of working from manual to digital. One of the vital roles of Accura Scan in travel companies is initiating organized work.  Having all the data secured in a digital form in the cloud server helps the employees to quickly access them with a click of a mouse. They don’t have to rifle through the pile of registers or files to look for customer information.  Moreover, the app comes with a special SDK/ API to help it integrate with other existing apps of the organization.

Better Customer Experience

Just like Accura Scan helps the employees with seamless work, it in-turn offers a better customer experience too. The travel agents with a tap on the scan button of the app extract all the required data from the documents and record or update it in their existing software. They can just fill up the forms with the extracted digital data without any risk of error. The customers neither have to fill up the travel related forms manually nor do they have to wait for long. The app makes the entire process fast for both the customers and the travel agents. The tour operators can use the correct information to contact their customers and build an amiable relationship with them and update them on latest offers and discounts.

Secures Information

With digital storage of information, there is no scope of losing data or information which is quite prone in case of papers. The data can be saved in the cloud server of the application or any other software of their choice with SDK customization and can be locked with a password for safety. Access to confidential information can be restricted for unauthorized users. Moreover, Accura Scan doesn’t use internet connectivity for performing the scans which means it is safe against security breaches.

Some Striking Features of Accura Scan in a Glimpse

  • Scans Passports, Visas, ID cards
  • Reads documents at a lightning speed of 500 milliseconds.
  • Scans Accurately without any error
  • Provides special SDK/API for customization of the app
  • Doesn’t require internet connectivity

The business of a tour operator or a travel agent becomes efficient and productive with the benefits of this advantageous id scanner app. It puts an end to all the time consuming factors and adds accuracy to the work.