How Accurascan Helps Car Rental Companies To Stay Agile?

How Accurascan Helps Car Rental Companies To Stay Agile?

According to a recent research report published by Lucintel-a premier management consulting firm engaged in global market research, the future is promising for the global car rental industry. It will reach an approximate $99.6 billion by the year 2022. Like every other industry, the car rental industry has witnessed a tremendous impact of the technological evolution.

A large number of companies engaged in the car rental business are now rendering a fantastic customer experience through mobile apps, smartphones, and other digital gadgets. They are even making giant strides in expanding their business in developing nations.

In contrast to the general perception that mobile apps could prove helpful for car rental companies only for ease in booking rental cars, such apps could help in other ways too. Developed by Singapore-based Accura Technolabs, Accurascan has the potential to help such companies to stay agile in a myriad of ways.

Better record keeping of drivers

The car rental industry always has its gaze fixed on energetic youngsters having a valid driving license. They have a rigorous screening procedure for job applicants for the post of a driver because, in the case of an accident, they would have to bear a liability and suffer a loss of reputation. As if this is not enough, large car rental companies with their operations in various countries never fail to have an updated record of their drivers for adhering to their local laws.

Accurascan-an ID card reader facilitates in better record keeping of drivers by quickly scanning their driving licenses and converting them into a digital format which then could be stored in a secured cloud server as a record. The lightweight app takes only 500 milliseconds to recognize a driving license and scan accurately with just a finger tap.

Easy fleet management

Most car rental companies have a decent fleet size. Big players have more than one hundred thousand vehicles in their fleet to cater to a vast client base. Fleet management thus becomes a challenge. However, the Accurascan app makes the task easy with its excellent scanning capabilities and availability of its software development kit (SDK). Car rental companies can integrate the app into a number plate recognition system and can track cars within their fleet in a cost-effective manner. Thus the app also helps in identifying any incident of car theft from their fleet within a short duration.

Quick verification of employees

A car rental company offers sound employment opportunities for people keen to become service agents, car washers, customer service representatives, and much more. So, like every other company, it also takes measures to ensure employee verification. However, the process is often time-consuming due to lack of automation. Accurascan speeds up the entire verification process by scanning employee ID cards and driving licenses in an offline mode.

Instant screening of customer

Accurascan could be also beneficial for car rental companies who offer self-driving as a service feature. Their staff can instantly verify whether the customer asking for their vehicle for rent is an unsafe driver or not by quickly scanning his or her license and cross-checking it with a motor vehicle record.

In an age when ride-sharing companies are enjoying huge profits, adopting latest technology and innovative thinking are some of the genuine solutions that car rental companies can embrace to stay agile. Accurascan with its ability to scan driving license, national ID card and all types of documents with a machine-readable zone is the perfect solution for car rental companies to make use of latest technology without spending a fortune. To check out the potential of the revolutionary ID card reader, download the demo version now!