Delight Your Prepaid Customers with a Seamless Registration Process

Delight Your Prepaid Customers with a Seamless Registration Process

In a large number of countries across the globe, SIM card registration is a mandatory process for prepaid customers of mobile network operators. The motive behind the same is to mitigate security risks and to address anti-social behavior. Mostly executed by SIM card retailers, the registration process involves filling up an application form by customers and submission of identity documents for a prepaid SIM card. SIM card retailers then make a copy of the documents to keep them as a record.

They show them to relevant authorities when requested. The problem arises when a large number of people make a beeline for prepaid SIM card registration and longer waiting time starts causing frustration. However, with technological advances and availability of mobile apps for literally every task, it is possible to delight your prepaid customers with a seamless registration process.

Adopt the latest technology

“In the technology world, you have to execute fast or you’re out of business.”

The quote by Vivek Wadhwa-an American technology entrepreneur asserts the significance of quick adoption of technology for businesses. When people visit a SIM card retail store, it is usually their first interaction with the mobile network operator. So, when they have to wait for a long time to get their prepaid SIM card, the first impression goes wrong. Mobile network operators can, therefore, adopt the latest technology to make a vast difference. They can equip the SIM card retailers with hand-held scanners or ask them to install mobile scanning apps on their smart devices to automate the entire registration process.

With mobile scanning apps like Accurascan developed by Singapore-based Accura Technolabs, retailers can scan the ID cards of the customers in real-time in an offline mode. The ID card reader takes just a fraction of a second to extract vital details like the first name, last name, date of birth, sex, and others along with the image. The scanning process eliminates the need for a manual process of making a copy of each ID document. All that they have to do is to ask the customers to bring their ID documents that can serve as an identity proof like driving license, national ID card, or passport. Once they provide them with essential documents for registration, they use the app to scan them with a single tap of their finger. The digital document could be then stored on a secure cloud server and later on could be verified or added to the national ID database.

The takeaway is less time required for issuance of a SIM card to each customer and as a result, happy customers. Acclaimed civil right activist-Maya Angelou had rightly pointed out, “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel” and making the registration process simple ensures happy customers.

In a competitive age when every mobile network operator is trying every trick in the book to outperform others, it is vital to craft strategies to give a delightful customer experience. Ensuring a seamless registration process with mobile scanning apps like Accurascan could be one of them. Moreover, the lightweight app compatible with both Android and ios devices is available for a free demo version.