The Importance of Face Verification for Digital Identity Security

The Importance of Face Verification for Digital Identity Security

Facial recognition is the digital process of recognizing or confirming the identity of an individual. It forms a crucial part of identity verification for modern-day businesses. Patterns based on a person’s facial features are captured, analyzed, and compared. The face detection technique is required to recognize and locate human faces in photos and videos.

Based on a person’s facial traits, the face capture method converts analog information (a face) into a collection of digital information (data or vectors). Face match is a technique for determining if two faces belong to the same person.

It is now widely regarded as the most natural of all biometric measures as it enables us to recognize ourselves by looking at our faces rather than going in for forced fingerprints or sensitive iris scans.

What Is The Difference Between Facial Verification and Facial recognition?

Facial verification and AI face recognition are often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. To comprehend the distinctions, one must first understand the notions of recognition and verification. While recognition is about recognizing the face, verification implies matching an identity to the face. However, we know more about AI face recognition than we do about its successor, face verification.

Digital Onboarding With Facial Recognition

The process in which a facial recognition system addresses a face for the first time to register it and correlate it with an identity in a way that it is stored in the system is known as digital onboarding with facial recognition.

In another variation, the user is authenticated before being registered. In this variation, the incoming data from the camera is compared to the database’s existing data in this procedure. If the user’s face matches an already-registered identity, the system uses his credentials to allow him access.

Face Recognition For Added Security 

Face recognition focuses on verification or authentication in scenarios such as the second authentication factor to offer an extra layer of protection to any log-in procedure.

The Benefits Of AI Face Recognition

During the pandemic, digital-based services were in high demand. When correctly integrated and maintained, facial biometrics may protect identification while also reducing physical contact. It will eliminate the need for touch-based verification equipment, like cards or other devices that require physical contact with public facilities.

In addition, face recognition allows businesses to grasp the following benefits.

  • It relieves the customers from the hassle of entering and re-entering passwords.
  • It provides instant yet secured access to mobile applications, devices, corporate entities, commercial buildings, etc.
  • It can also provide secured and verified entries to large-scale events at both social and entrepreneurial levels, such as conferences, gatherings, and other events.
  • It can also be used for making secure payments in both physical and online establishments.
  • It can also be used for Checking-in at airports and hotels, thus delivering a better experience to customers.

Bottom Line

We at Accura Scan do identity verification utilizing various technologies, including AI, primarily Biometric Verification and Liveness Detection. Incorporating AI face recognition mechanisms in your organization can notably eliminate the risk of bogus registrations, app frauds, and identity theft. For more details, call us on +91 820-898-8751 or mail us at