Benefits of Face Recognition Everyone Should Know

Benefits of Face Recognition Everyone Should Know

Ever wondered how your phone reads your face and unlocks on its own? or when you post a group photo on a social media platform, how does it tag the people automatically? These are so common that we don’t think about why or what is making it happen. Indeed, this is not magic, but a technology referred to as face recognition or face biometrics.

How does face recognition work?

Face Recognition system utilizes biometric to accumulate unique biometric data of each person linked with their face and facial character and turns it into a digital image against a face database. Once a face is registered, face recognition can match that face to any picture or video frame for authentication or any other purpose.

Biometric face recognition has evolved rapidly and emerged as an indispensable part of our day to day life. From unlocking smartphones to checking into a hotel, face recognition has covered all grounds of authentication, verification, and many more utilities of Artificial Intelligence.

Here are some of the benefits of  face recognition every one should acknowledge:

  • Public Security

One of the most important benefits of face biometrics is enhanced public security. This technology aids immensely in law enforcement. Face recognition makes it easier than ever to track down any thieves or robbers, or trespassers. For the government, now it is easier to identify any terrorists or criminals with the help of public and private CCTV networks. Not just criminals, this can also track missing children or citizens.

  • Private Security

The face lock or faceID on your phone uses face biometrics to recognize the person trying to operate the device. One can use face recognition as a security tool for locking personal devices. And the best part is that one cannot hack your device as there is nothing like a password or a pattern to steal. Your face acts as your passcode, and no one can manipulate it to break into your system.

  • Fast Verification

Another major advantage of face recognition technology is it’s fast verifying or processing nature resulting in contactless user authentication.

Earlier security guards used to conduct manual identification of a person, which took a huge amount of time, resulting in long queues and did not guarantee high accuracy. Now with the help of face recognition technology, it merely takes a second to verify a person. On the other hand, it’s incredibly accurate.

This can be practically seen in the banking sector, where users are opting for digital KYC in banking. Utilizing face recognition technology in the form of KYC face verification resulting in fast KYC verification from the comfort of the home.

  • Easy Integration

Today, face recognition can be seamlessly integrated into almost all modern devices and software. One of the biggest benefits for companies is that it is secure, fast, and requires no additional investments, as most face recognition solutions are compatible with the majority of security software and hardware.

It is truly incredible to see how once this concept was a mere sci-fi fantasy, and now it has turned out to be one of the most reliable and secure forms of authentication for the government and the public. However, this tech is still evolving, challenging itself to bring out the most of it. For instance, the arrival of 3D facial recognition technology and infrared cameras has exceptionally boosted the security and accuracy level.

Experts say facial recognition will continue to unfold itself and make significant changes in how our security systems operate today. Accurascan provides comprehensive face matching and facial recognition solutions for a seamless user experience. So what are you waiting for? Contact Accurascan now and know their affordable pricing models and experience quality!