Join Accura Scan at Identity Week Asia in Singapore on 6th & 7th Sep 2022

Join Accura Scan at Identity Week Asia in Singapore on 6th & 7th Sep 2022

Coming up next week is the eagerly anticipated Identity Week Asia, Singapore from September 6-7, 2022. where the brightest minds in the identity sector will showcase & promote innovation, new thinking, and the latest in identity solutions.

Identity verification is a vitally important implementation for secure and genuine access to resources of web and mobile applications. It helps to authorize the user and provide access control for applications based on the user’s credentials.

Digital identity verification can help sectors such as Banks, Financial Institutions, Payments, Wallets, Insurance etc to reduce fraud when an unknown applicant or potential customer is remote. Digital identity verification can assist institutions in meeting their KYC requirements.

An effective ID check ensures that there is a real person behind a process and proves that they are who they claim to be. This prevents anyone from carrying out a process on other people’s behalf without authorisation, creating false identities, or committing fraud.

Team Accura Scan is pleased to announce its participation & look forward to showcase our innovative AI & ML solutions for Digital Identity Verification & Customer On-Boarding.

Our proprietary cutting-edge solutions like the OCR, Face Match & FingerPrint Biometrics help establish & verify user identity while the Liveness Check helps prevent spoofing & identity theft from fraudsters & other dubious elements.

Our customer-centric focus has helped us to steadily evolve over the last 6 years, to become a key provider of Digital Identity Verification Solutions to the Banking, Payments, Insurance, Fintech, Telecom, Hospitality, Healthcare & other sectors across the globe.

We welcome visitors & relevant stake-holders to meet us at Booth 55 at the Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore on 6 – 7th September.