Join us in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 6-9 February for LEAP 2023

Join us in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 6-9 February for LEAP 2023

LEAP is a platform for future technology and the most innovative professionals from around the globe. This makes it a very exciting event where modern technology is embraced, and progress is accelerated the most.

The brightest brains from the largest tech companies, innovative entrepreneurs from around the world, and venture capitalists with the means to make it all happen are brought together by LEAP. You can’t miss it if you’re interested in new technology, innovation, and its wonderful, boundless potential.

We are excited to announce that Accura Scan will be exhibiting at this festival. Our representatives, Mr. Hasnain Patel and Mr. Asad Ali Khan, will be available at booth H5.G45 to respond to your questions and provide you a live demonstration of our solution. Please stop by our stand to assess the solution.

Accura Scan is key provider of comprehensive solutions for Global Digital KYC, Identity Verification and Customer Onboarding.

Businesses frequently decide to stay in their comfort zones when it comes to security. When this occurs, con artists take advantage and register with the company using fake documents. The company learns about the issues with its customer onboarding process after the scam has already occurred. However, it is then too late when the swindle has already taken place.

How Accura Scan can benefit your organization:

With our Identity Verification solution, the users can prove their Identity by simply scanning their IDs and taking a selfie. Thanks to the power of Accura Scan’s AI technology, the Companies who use our solutions can now remotely onboard anyone, anywhere in the world, in this fashion, and have confidence that their users are who they claim to be.

Our AI-based Document Verification system takes on the challenge of spotting any document that may have been digitally faked and submitted by a client. There is no additional step necessary for the same. Our solution scans the ID while also checking it for any digital alterations made to it. It detects the bogus documents in this way. For instance, if the document is a photocopy, lacks security safeguards, or is being scanned from a screen that displays an image of the document rather than being held in the hand. These are just a few examples of fake documents that somebody could use to prove their identity. Combining these two technologies maintains the uninterrupted user experience while bringing comfort and security to businesses and their clients.

Doesn’t this sound something interesting that will enhance the user experience in your onboarding process? Do not forget to stop by our booth (H5.G45) and try identity and ID verification right in the palm of your hand.

Mark the date: 6-9 February 2023 | Riyadh Front Expo Centre | Saudi Arabia