customer onboarding

Customer Onboarding

The onboarding process plays a pivotal role in establishing a positive or negative impression of a business in the minds of clients. Unfortunately, the escalating administrative prerequisites have made the due diligence processes more rigid and time-consuming. As a result, clients often experience frustration and inconvenience while completing the necessary entry forms. Moreover, the absence of adequate preventive measures during onboarding can expose the business to potential risks, including instances of exploitation, such as consent manipulation. It is essential for businesses to prioritize streamlining the onboarding procedure to enhance client satisfaction and protect against fraudulent activities.

  • Use OCR technology to diminish manual data input
  • Eliminate fake clients or bots with the assistance of Biometric Authentication
  • 2FA for verified telephone numbers for information sharing

Accura Scan’s Use Cases

Regulatory Compliance

Bank Account Opening

Age Confirmation

Investors’ Background check

Prevention of Fraud

Client onboarding