Accura Scan @ the DigiBank Summit & Awards in Nairobi

Accura Scan @ the DigiBank Summit & Awards in Nairobi

The DigiBank Summit & Awards in Nairobi scheduled to be held on 1st February 2023 is a great opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading experts and to network with like-minded people. Attendees can benefit from trailblazing content, game-changing solutions, and high-impact networking.

The summit is an exclusive platform for the banking and finance industry in East Africa to gain insight into the latest trends, discuss strategies for digital banking transformation and explore cutting-edge solutions. The key areas of discussion will include customer experience, payments & settlement, mobile money, cybersecurity, AI & analytics, fintech disruption and the future of banking.

The summit will provide attendees with the chance to meet and network with industry leaders, influencers, academics, regulators, and technology providers. Delegates will have access to high-quality discussions, presentations, and demonstrations from leading practitioners in the industry.

We, at Accura Scan, are thrilled to be attending the summit for networking opportunities and to showcase our Global Digital KYC, Identity Verification and Customer Onboarding Solutions.

You will be astonished to find out that a large part of the frauds that occur with companies are happening during the customer onboarding/kyc stage. Also, you must be aware of the unfortunate event that happened recently wherein a financial giant was duped with fake customer-accounts.

Such scams not only bring about monetary misfortune to a company but also raise questions about its credibility. It is obviously clear that nobody would like to do business or buy from someone who has frail protection against such fraud. Such frauds additionally impact the share price of the company which also results in unhappy investors.

Accura Scan comes to the aid of banks and financial institutions to keep them safe from such scams.

What we do?

Accura Scan with its robust AI-based innovation and proprietary solutions offers a customized tailor-made eKYC solution that performs numerous checks to guarantee that your customer is who they say they are and not a phony. All of this is done remotely in a matter of seconds. This results in customer satisfaction as their time is saved and the time-consuming manual eKYC process is done away with. Not only this, but our solution also protects your prestigious organization from scammers.

We save your company at the absolute first phase of customer onboarding/kyc so you do not let in somebody who might turn out to be a potential fraudster and put your company’s credibility at stake.

Our solutions are industry-specific and we provide services to diverse sectors – from Banking, Payments, Insurance to Telecom, Hospitality & Healthcare.

We invite you to meet our Director, Mr Reza Writer in the Sponsor Networking Lounge, to understand the hazards to your business and how our solutions can help mitigate them.