How Banks Can Choose The Best Customer Onboarding Software In 2021

How Banks Can Choose The Best Customer Onboarding Software In 2021

In customer-oriented industries like banks and other monetary institutions, the first impression counts for much more than people actually expect. The success in securing a client will depend entirely on how much he has been impressed by your hospitality. This is especially true for the customer’s onboarding process. Most banks use one or the other type of customer onboarding software. However, a well-executed onboarding process can make a lasting impression on clients.

The onboarding software provides a wide variety of services, including online KYC and remote KYC services. However, are these two most important features to look for? What features will help you decide whether the software will improve your onboarding process or not? Read on to know how.

Five must-have features in an onboarding software

    1.    Training dashboards

Every customer absorbs information at different paces. For some users using an online portal for onboarding may come intuitively, whereas for others, it may be rocket science.

You must include a training section or dashboard in your identity verification software. Including a widget ensures the customer is only one click away from the help they need.

    2.    Analytics

Everything on the internet can be broken down into numbers and patterns. The same can be said about customer onboarding software. Your chosen software should collect data about user engagement and provide you with analytics of the same. This will allow you to decipher information and find out whether the user is finding any steps difficult.

    3.    Compliance

Banks have to comply with various legal regulations, including KYC, AML, EMIR, MiFID II, etc. Therefore the software you use for customer onboarding should comply with the regulations mentioned above. Your software must comply with all security regulations.

    4.    Accessibility

Today’s banking isn’t physical anymore. Customers access their accounts from any part of the world and hence expect seamless experience throughout. They should be able to complete the onboarding process using your Digital KYC app without any hassle. A customer is likely to lose interest if they have to call your customer service several times to resolve their issues.

    5.    Real-time data

The key feature of any KYC software is its ability to augment real-life agents. Offline KYC services provide one key advantage to customers: there is someone who can solve all their doubts the minute they come up. Therefore, your software should be able to provide access to over-the-phone agents who can guide the client through any queries should they need to.
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