Role Of Identity Verification In Travel And Tourism Industry In 2021

Role Of Identity Verification In Travel And Tourism Industry In 2021

In recent years, the innovation of KYC (Know Your Consumer) has become the lifeline for various institutions of banking, insurance, healthcare, and several others. The industries catering to a high volume of customers per day would require a considerable amount of human resources if digital KYC did not exist. However, one industry is yet to completely adapt to this technology – Travel and Tourism.

Addressing the inconveniences

Traveling to a new country or a different city requires several check-ins. Hotels, rental agencies, airlines, railway stations – all require the process of identity verification to claim service. These checkpoints are necessary for businesses but can be lethargic for customers wanting to enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

While these checkpoints are added to ensure transparency, the KYC verification is done in several steps, which is time-consuming and can be avoided by integrating digital KYC in the hospitality industry like travel and tourism, which assists the business to flourish in the long run.

How will digital identity verification help travel and tourism companies?

A well-developed identity verification system can easily detect any identity fraud and take suggestive actions. This can increase the trust between the company and their customer since the customer now knows the company is prepared to handle any attempt at fraud. Apart from this, however, there are several other benefits too:

  • Only legitimate customers get service

When KYC verification is employed in the hospitality industry, companies can filter out customers who aren’t willing to hire the services but are just wasting time. This will ensure genuine customers get a better customer experience and can get various services without any hassle.

  • Less documentation

Digital KYC solutions for the hospitality industry ensure that the identity verification process is done in a single step. The automation of this process using appropriate software will mean that employees will require fewer documents, and in turn, customers will have to carry fewer documents. This hassle-free process is one of the major advantages of KYC for tourism.

  • Faster check-in process

Currently, real-time KYC takes anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. In hotels, where the verification step is usually left to the concierge or the manager, the customer has to wait for the completion of the process. However, with digitization, businesses can complete this verification faster, which improves the customer’s experience and allows businesses to focus on other aspects.

While various softwares are available to provide KYC for tourism companies, it remains important that these be catered specifically to a business. Hospitality companies in different parts of the world have different regulations as maintained by the country’s government. While businesses can buy a generic product, they should customize it according to their needs.

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