Accura Scan launches ID Forgery for Real-Time Document Verification

Accura Scan launches ID Forgery for Real-Time Document Verification

Accura Scan’s reputation in mobile scanning technology is unrivaled. They currently enjoy the status as the leading company in several countries and have provided reliable security services. With their launch of ID forgery scanning technology, Accura Scan aims to upgrade the identity verification services they provide.

Document forgery has become the third-largest criminal industry on the planet. A wide range of extortion methods are being utilized for document forgery: duplicating, record falsification, clear archive robbery, and so on. Individual information on the web is significant and can attract scammers hoping to utilize data for fake purposes. It is crucial to incorporate a Digital KYC mechanism that authenticates all clientele to battle these cyberattacks and ensure client privacy.

Accura Scan’s ID Forgery system aims to battle these document forgeries and avoid as many identity theft attempts as possible. By providing companies an easy-to-integrate app, Accura Scan can easily upgrade an organization’s security system and protect its data.

Accura Scan helps avoid identity fraud by document verification services that are thorough. Once onboarded, the clients undergo the KYC verification process. Accura Scan is known to conduct identity verification services online and help clients with identity forgery.

They offer Face scans, ID rechecks, digital KYC, and Liveness checks to verify the person’s identity. Thus, Accura Scan makes the documentation system reliable due to the easy access to the documents and ensuring client authentication. The added advantage of this is that companies can work efficiently without relying on manual checkpoints, which have a higher margin of error.

Accura Scan currently provides all their customers with an average OCR Scanning speed of 500 milliseconds, while their complete user authentication takes 10 seconds. All customers enjoy an online and offline working platform that is ideal for checkpoints with a weaker internet connection. Additionally, frauds who aim to sift through data during a power backup can easily be detected.

With the launch of the ID forgery detection system, companies who have already partnered with Accura Scan can enjoy an added security layer in their system. Existing customers can easily integrate this new launch into their existing system.

Accura Scan specially caters to their new customers’ needs by providing customizable apps that are flexible enough to detect and verify documents at a bad angle or in poor light conditions. All SDKs available in Android, iOS, and web SDK, which covers all institutions’ platforms.

Accura Scan is dedicated to providing innovative products. As anyone who has followed the company’s growth in the past year can testify, the company’s goal is to create a system that will provide all-around security so that institutions worldwide can enjoy data security.

Their reputation of providing no-glitch systems and what the customer asked for is one of the major reasons why Accura Scan has created a customer base in the Gulf, Europe, and Asia. Companies partnering with Accura Scan can expect the perfect solution for institutions looking to upgrade their security and identity verification services.

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