A relationship between Accura Scan and Comviva that results in more satisfied customers

A relationship between Accura Scan and Comviva that results in more satisfied customers

In order to serve a wide range of sectors and industries, from banking and financial services to telecoms to hospitality and healthcare, Accura Scan has consistently maintained long-lasting ties and associations with System Integrators, IT Consultants, and Industry Experts throughout the world.

We are extremely happy to announce such an association between Accura Scan and Comviva.

For eKYC, identity verification, remote user authentication, and fraud protection, Accura Scan has developed over the past years into a leading provider of specialised, high-fidelity AI-based solutions. Our tools help banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, telecommunications organisations, etc. significantly cut down on the costs & times associated with KYC & Customer Onboarding while also preventing the onboarding of potential fraudsters & dubious individuals.

Innovative technologies and solutions, including OCR, facial and fingerprint biometrics, active and passive liveness checks, ID forgery checks, and AML checks, are included in our proprietary eKYC suite.

Comviva, a Tech Mahindra company, offers mobility solutions created to meet the needs of The Business of Tomorrow. Service providers can improve client experience, rationalise expenses, and hasten revenue growth with the help of these technologies. Three growth pillars serve as the foundation of their firm. Each includes products that boost sales, put the client first, and increase service agility.

There are several information reports concerning the fakes that are occurring every day when we read the newspaper. It may surprise you to learn that most frauds take place during the customer onboarding/kyc stage. This has a variety of repercussions, notably on the organization, which could cause the group to suffer enormous losses.

Our comprehensive identity verification services will keep Comviva clients safe from scammers while ensuring that customer onboarding times are drastically shortened. Due to a reduction in the time required to onboard new customers.

Comviva & Accura Scan have a worldwide presence and work on a similar vision of helping the world run better and improves people’s lives with our strong innovations.

The alliance between Accura Scan and Comviva will enable our clients to rapidly onboard customers with the most elevated levels of exactness & security while ensuring customer satisfaction.

The intrinsic and corresponding cooperative energies between the two companies, as well as their combined skill set, will provide our respective clients with world-class Digital Solutions strengthened with quick, secure, and consistent eKYC and Onboarding Solutions.

Through this strategic alliance, both companies will be working together to bring innovative technologies to the market faster and offer a wide range of customer value management services such as loyalty programs, analytics & reporting, business intelligence & optimization services.

We at Accura Scan are excited about this partnership with Comviva and look forward to it being a successful & long-lasting.