Your company could be next to be duped with fake documents

Your company could be next to be duped with fake documents

JPMorgan Chase is suing the 30-year-old founder of Frank, a buzzy fintech startup it acquired for $175 million, for allegedly lying about its scale and success by creating an enormous list of fake users to entice the financial giant to buy it. (

JP Morgan is a major financial organisation; therefore, this is simply one incident that has received attention. However, many businesses are being conned by scammers and will soon suffer financial consequences because of the scams that will occur with their business.

You’ll be surprised to hear that most market frauds currently occur within the customer onboarding/KYC stage. Even if companies manage to lessen them, spoofing attacks and ID fraud remain on the rise.

If companies continue to follow the traditional customer onboarding process, it will waste customers’ time and be prone to errors. This will result in customers waiting longer to complete their KYC which will eventually increase the dropout rate of promising customers. The business thus suffers a revenue loss.

Scammers are everywhere in the market, and they are constantly on the lookout for companies with gaps in their onboarding processes for new customers. They steal identities, conduct spoofing attacks, and submit digitally forged documents, which ultimately costs the business a lot of money and hurts its reputation. No one wants to invest in or buy from a company that has a weak defense against these risks, it goes without saying.

We are at your rescue:

Yes! This is where Accura Scan’s powerful AI-based technology comes into play. A very comprehensive patented solution for global digital KYC, customer onboarding, and identity verification is offered by us to safeguard your esteemed organization against such frauds.

Our systems are so highly developed that they can finish a customer’s whole KYC process, including all relevant checks, in just a few seconds. In this way, we save your clients’ time, the cost to the business is decreased, customer dropout rates significantly decline, and the company is protected against swindlers.

We offer our extensive experience of working with Banks, Telecoms, Fintechs, Immigration, Healthcare & Hospitality Organizations across the globe for Remote Customer Authentication, Identity Verification & Onboarding.

What happened with JP Morgan serves as a wake-up call for all enterprises that customer onboarding needs to be managed and monitored more carefully while making sure that a real customer isn’t made unhappy by having to wait till the onboarding formalities are finished.

Let’s all pledge to employ our intelligently made AI based solutions to effectively respond to scammers.

We are a business with senior management who collectively has close to 50 years of experience in machine learning and AI. Our solutions are on-premise, simple to use, and easily integrate into your existing system.

We adhere to GDPR requirements and don’t keep any of your customer information. We offer help around-the-clock and provide global document support.

Seamless, Smooth, Swift, and Secure solutions by Accura Scan – Your one stop shop for all onboarding and kyc needs.

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