Mobile Technology of Accurascan is Ideal for Mobile Network Providers

Mobile Technology of Accurascan is Ideal for Mobile Network Providers

In the new millennium, mobile devices have become workplace trailblazers. Be it a student, working professional or a homemaker, everyone now has a heavy dependence on these pocket-sized devices for their day-to-day communication and several other tasks.  Some companies caught a whiff of the tremendous potential of these devices long back and chose to become mobile network providers or operators.

Also known as wireless carriers, these companies often have to struggle to increase their subscriber base amidst cut-throat competition. The problem lies in the fact that many individuals willing to switch to a different mobile network operator often choose to not take any action because of the time-consuming customer registration process. However, the mobile technology of Accurascan-ID card scanner app proves ideal for mobile network providers and eliminates their woes.

Addresses the needs of mobile network operators

Speed- In a fast-paced world, mobile network operators (MNOs) need a solution to speed up their customer registration process. Accurascan as a mobile OCR scanner does the same effortlessly. With a tap of their finger, customers or distributors (who are mostly retailers) can scan the ID cards at lightning speed. They don’t have to rush to find a photocopier. All that they have to do is to install the app on their mobile device (Android or iOS). Now that most people even in developing nations have a smartphone with a high-resolution camera, scanning of vital documents to provide necessary or mandatory identity proof could be a breeze!

On top of this, Accurascan has an average recognition time of 500 milliseconds which means distributors can handle the high volume of documents efficiently and do the authentication of customers within no time. For mobile network providers experiencing a saturation point in the market, minimizing the customer wait time during the registration process could make a massive difference in attracting new customers who want to switch from their existing mobile network to another but are withholding their decision because of the time-consuming registration process.

Security- Today, mobile network providers need solutions to ensure customer authentication in a secured manner. In several nations, to adhere to the legal framework, they have to authenticate their customers before offering services like a new connection, value-added services or more.  As the app scans the customer ID cards and uploads them to a secured cloud server with end-to-end encryption, it can be used to authenticate the customers who have done the registration.

It is possible to validate the scanned data against a federal database with a little customization that the app allows. Given that the app’s SDK/API is also available on request, mobile network providers can customize the app as per their needs.

In short, the mobile technology of Accurascan app is ideal and mobile network providers could make the most of it efficiently. Existing, as well as aspiring mobile network providers, can avail the app at a nominal monthly fee. You can check out our demo app.