How an ID card Scanner Helps in Boosting Nightclub Security?

How an ID card Scanner Helps in Boosting Nightclub Security?

As entertainment venues that operate till late night, nightclubs are the places where people throng in large numbers for some dance and upscale drinks. At these places, the working staff becomes less vigilant during closing time. Maintaining the security of the visitors remains a challenging task for most nightclub operators across the world.

However, with the help of modern technology, it is possible to boost nightclub security. Owners can always ensure installation of security cameras at strategic places. Although the cameras ably capture images in dim light; they prove expensive and sometimes inefficient too.

So, let us find out how an ID card scanner helps in boosting nightclub security. After all, these scanners are inexpensive in comparison to surveillance devices, and now there are ID card scanners that are portable or are available as apps that nightclub guards or supervisors can install on a mobile device.

Thwart the entry of undesirable visitors

When undesirable visitors successfully enter the premises of a nightclub, the security gets compromised. Such a person could be an individual prohibited by law or someone, notorious for his unruly behavior.

With an ID card scanner, the security guard of a nightclub can replace the manual process of checking ID cards with a better alternative. He or she can quickly scan the ID cards of the visitors in real-time and upload the same to a secure cloud server. The scanned data could then be used to check the following things:

  • Whether there is any visitor who has been banned from entry in their nightclub
  • Is there any visitor with an ID card (driving license or national ID card) which has an expired date?
  • Is there any visitor banned by law like a criminal or any minor?

As the light-weighted ID card scanners also extract the image along with text from ID cards and other documents like driving licenses and passports in a digital format, it becomes easy to create a gallery of visitors. The move proves handy in identifying minors, violent or unruly patrons, and criminals.

Many ID card scanners like the Accurascan ID card scanner app developed by Accura Technolabs are available with an SDK kit which means nightclub supervisors can seamlessly integrate the app into any of their existing apps. Because of security concerns and promotional activities, most nightclub owners or supervisors use mobile apps. As it is possible to seamless integrate the app with any other existing app used for promotional activity or getting real-time foot traffic, they will need just a single app to manage their nightclub.Moreover, Accurascan accurately scans documents without any internet connection and uses the camera of the mobile device (Android or Apple) which makes it an inexpensive solution for nightclub owners.

Thus, the key to boosting nightclub security is choosing the right ID card scanner. Whether it is a small-size hand-held scanner or a mobile app, it must scan documents in real-time at a fast speed. All security procedures including scanning of ID cards must not take too much time at the entry point. Under all circumstances, it is important to ensure patrons do not feel annoyed and have an enjoyable time during their stay at a nightclub.