Digitization of information in Immigration Department using a Document Scanning App

Digitization of information in Immigration Department using a Document Scanning App

“Laws ostensibly directed at undocumented immigrants inevitably affect the treatment of lawfully present immigrants and citizens who share the ethnic, racial, or national origin characteristics of undocumented immigrants.”

The quote by Pratheepan Gulasekaram-a noted professor and author of ‘New Immigration Federalism’ underline the importance of an immigration department.

Every nation has an immigration department. Officials working for the immigration department work hard to ensure national security and citizenship rights. On a daily basis, they have to deal with a high volume of documents to accomplish their job responsibilities while maintaining the highest level of work integrity. In such a scenario, a document scanning app aids in information digitization in an inexpensive way.

Types of documents scanned by a document scanning app

Let’s have a look at the documents that immigration officers can scan with a tab of their finger by using a document scanning app installed on their mobile devices. So, here we go.

  • Passport
  • Visa travel card
  • ID Cards

Apart from the above ones, there are also myriads of forms that immigration officials can digitize and convert into a search-able text to feed into their centralized database or send to a secured cloud storage that only authorized users can access from anywhere. This results in more efficiency and minimizes month-long delays or chances of human error in the complex immigration process.

Proves crucial at border check-points

Some officers of the immigration department work at border checkpoints. Some are in remote areas with no or little wireless connectivity. In such a scenario, having a document scanning app that they can download from the app store to scan documents of travelers can do wonders!

The most remarkable aspect of the document scanning app is that it works in an offline mode. Immigration officers at these checkpoints can easily digitize the ID cards and other relevant documents by extracting the machine-readable text and photograph of the travelers with a mobile device having the document scanning app.

In short, a document scanning app like Accurascan developed by us is the best solution for an immigration department. It is lightweight, secure and has an average recognition time of 500 milliseconds that can prove an asset for the immigration department without investing in expensive scanners.

At a time when the federal government of several nations is struggling to digitize the documents in the immigration department even after spending thousands of million dollars, it is time to make the most of the technological marvel- Accurascan-a document scanning app that one can also use as a free trial for 30 days.

With its capability to read passports of travelers of every nation, all documents with a machine-readable zone, and real-time scanning; Accurascan can make the entire process of immigration transparent and streamlined. To have a demo version of the app, visit https://accurascan.com/demo.