UAE’s Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) goes Digital with Accura Scan KYC

UAE’s Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) goes Digital with Accura Scan KYC

Mumbai & Dubai,

Accura Scan is delighted to announce that UAE based Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) has gone live with the Accurascan’s KYC onboarding solution. With this partnership, CBD has clicked a new milestone in achieving progress in its journey of branchless banking and Digital Account Opening (DAO). Also, CBD has joined very few elite banks in the world who are offering a complete digital account opening in less than a minute. As a part of this partnership, Accura Scan will take care of complete User Onboarding with its robust systems.


For those who don’t know, amid Covid-19, CBD has already taken swift steps to optimize and streamline their customer-facing processes. This is firmly in line with CBD’s default digital strategy to provide customers with innovative and technological products and services to enrich their banking experiences and make banking more seamless and convenient. The new CBD Digital account process enables new-to-bank customers to open a CBD account instantly, using just their Emirates ID in less than 10 clicks, at their convenience, anytime and from anywhere and enjoy amazing rewards for their day-to-day banking.


Accura Scan is an eKYC solution company and in CBD’s case, it will be helping CBD to scan Emirates ID, Passports or any other digital identity documents in less than a second. Once the ID is scanned, the records are stored digitally on the Bank’s server. One of the specialities that Accura Scan holds is that we don’t own any data., which is implied in CBD’s case too. Accurascan’s SDK was integrated seamlessly with the Bank’s award-winning Online banking systems or Mobile app with the application being completely white-labelled.

Facial recognition technology has been in use for decades and remains one of the most widely used biometrics. Accura Scan’s facial recognition uses the layout of facial features from the documents and matches it with the user’s selfie for identification against any fraud or identity misuse.

On this occasion, Yasin Patel, Founder of Accura Scan excitedly commented “We knew CBD needed a solution which could be seamless and smooth in scanning KYC documents. I knew Accura Scan could be perfectly fit.  After the demo, they were happy with the solution, and signed a contract with us. We are on the mission to create a digital banking revolution for hundreds of banks and financial institutions to suit their KYC needs. With Covid-19, the world has become more remote and Accura Scan can be a perfect solution for such banks looking for DAO.”


About CBD

About CBD Commercial Bank of Dubai was established in 1969 and is registered as a Public Shareholding Company (PSC). Over the years, Commercial Bank of Dubai has built itself into a progressive and modern Banking institution, endowed with a strong financial structure and strong management, as well as a loyal and ever-increasing customer and correspondent base. Today CBD is one of the leading banks in the United Arab Emirates and offers its customers a full range of retail and commercial banking products and services.


About Accura Scan

Accura Scan, a pioneer in ID scanning technology is a perfect solution for the onboarding and KYC of the new customers. At Accura Scan, it is our mission to replace the manual KYC User onboarding. Accura Scan introduces Seamless Customer On-Boarding & Digital KYC solutions for Remote Account Opening / User Authentication. The best of its kind, Accura Scan App, is an all-in-one ID Card Scanner, Passport Scanner, Visa Scanner, Driving License Scanner with Face Match / Recognition / Authentication with the use of a mobile camera as simple as a Selfie.

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