Indonesia National ID added to Accurascan’s Cards List

Indonesia National ID added to Accurascan’s Cards List

Indonesia is a large country that’s basically an archipelago of over 70,000 islands that has infrastructure issues in electricity and limited bandwidth, is the nation rolling out the world’s most ambitious biometrics-based national identity card project for its citizens. But it is. Indonesia is spending $600 million on a project to give 172 million residents a national identity card that will be used for a wide range of purposes, including proving identity for voter registration, passport issuance, tax and financial matters, and much more. This electronic national identity card, called the e-KTP, is a government effort to get millions of citizens to enrol at registration centres where their fingerprint, iris and face are captured as images through biometric equipment and personal information stored as a record associated with each electronic identity card.

What is Indonesia National ID

Indonesia is considered one of world’s most advanced adopters of biometric technology. In 2011, Indonesia launched a highly ambitious e‐KTP program, called the Electronic Kartu Tanda Penduduk (Electronic Identity Card) (e‐KTP). Under the program, an electronic ID card with a unique number and encrypted fingerprint, photo, and demographic data was issued to the residents. The Indonesian National Card Program is one of the world’s largest civil identity deployments based on multimodal biometrics—face, finger, and iris.

Benefit of Indonesia National ID

The e-KTP contains one of a kind biometric information and was intended to improve government service and population databases, while decreasing extortion and security dangers.

Uses of National ID Card

  • voter registration, passport issuance, tax payments and to verify identity for social assistance.
  • e-KTPs in the scope of Bank Indonesia’s services is expected to support BI programs the Debtor Information System and the National Blacklist as well as in the implementation of the anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism funding program (APU/PPT).
  • In terms of financial inclusion, Bank Indonesia took the initiative to create a unique identity number known as the Financial Identity Number (FIN) that contains basic data and the financial profile of FIN cardholders based on e-KTP data.

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