Swift, Secure & Seamless Identity Verification Solutions for Kenya

Swift, Secure & Seamless Identity Verification Solutions for Kenya

The Kenya National Digital Master Plan 2022-2032 is a sequential progression of the Master Plan 2014-2017, the blueprint for leveraging and deepening the contribution of ICT to accelerate economic growth. It envisages furthering the goal of financial inclusion by focusing on Digital Connectivity, Technology and Innovation, & Digital Infrastructure.

To accelerate this process, sectors such as Banking & Telecom in Kenya are doing away with the traditional process of manual KYC and looking to adopt eKYC or Digital KYC as a better & more efficient alternative to verify the identity and credentials of their customers, users, or partners. Digital Identity verification can help prevent fraud, comply with regulations, enhance security, and improve customer experience.

Accura Scan is a Regtech leader in e-KYC (electronic know your customer), offering an innovative user verification environment that seamlessly integrates into any existing technology covering all the countries globally. Accura Scan uses artificial intelligence driven technologies such as the OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Facial & FingerPrint biometrics, Liveness Checks, ID Forgery Detection to provide a fast, accurate, and secure identity verification solution that can be used remotely and in real time.

Accura Scan works by scanning a national ID card, passport, or any other civil ID using the camera of a mobile device or a web browser. The scanned document is then verified for its authenticity and validity using advanced OCR (optical character recognition) and forgery detection techniques. The document data is then matched with the user’s selfie using face biometrics and liveness check. The user’s identity is then verified against various databases and watchlists, such as Interpol, OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), and PEP (Politically Exposed Persons), to ensure compliance with KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) regulations.

Accura Scan offers many benefits for businesses and organizations that need identity verification solutions in different parts of Kenya like Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret. Some of these benefits are:

A. Speed: Accura Scan can verify a user’s identity in less than a minute, reducing transaction friction and improving customer satisfaction.

B. Accuracy: Accura Scan can achieve 100% OCR accuracy and high precision face recognition, minimizing errors and false positives.

C. Security: Accura Scan can work locally without an internet connection, ensuring data privacy and protection. Accura Scan is certified by ISO & GDPR on data security.

D. Easy integration: Accura Scan can be easily incorporated into any product or service with the help of its API or SDK. Accura Scan supports Android, iOS, and web platforms.

E. Customizable: Accura Scan can be personalized to meet the exact needs of the client, such as adding specific features, languages, or document types.

F. Low memory usage: Accura Scan does not take up a lot of memory space on the device or the server, saving costs and resources.

G. Flexible: Accura Scan works even in not-so-ideal light conditions, ensuring usability and convenience.

Accura Scan can be used for various purposes and sectors in Kenya, such as:

Banking and finance: Accura Scan can help banks and financial institutions verify their customers’ identity and credentials for opening accounts, applying for loans, transferring money, or accessing online services in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, and other cities.

E-commerce and online platforms: Accura Scan can help e-commerce and online platforms verify their users’ identity and address for delivering goods, providing services, or preventing fraud.

Travel and tourism: Accura Scan can help travel and tourism operators verify their customers’ identity and documents for booking flights, hotels, tours, or visas.

Education and training: Accura Scan can help education and training providers verify their students’ identity and qualifications for enrolling in courses, taking exams, or issuing certificates.

Healthcare and telemedicine: Accura Scan can help healthcare and telemedicine providers verify their patients’ identity and medical records for providing diagnosis, treatment, or prescriptions.

Accura Scan is a swift, secure identity verification solution that can help businesses and organizations in Kenya enhance their security measures and deal with their complete lead lifecycle from lead capture to onboarding in one single CRM. Accura Scan is trusted by some of the world’s best companies and organizations across various sectors.