Perpetual KYC or pKYC – The Future of Compliance

Perpetual KYC or pKYC – The Future of Compliance

In today’s digital economy, trust is the key to success. Customers expect fast, seamless, and secure transactions, while regulators demand strict compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) rules. However, traditional KYC processes are often outdated, inefficient and costly, requiring periodic reviews and manual verification of customer information.

This is where Accura Scan comes in. Accura Scan is a global leader in Digital KYC, Identity Verification and Customer Onboarding solutions. Accura Scan offers an innovative pKYC approach that enables continuous monitoring and verification of customer data using AI driven advanced technologies such as high-fidelity OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Facial & Fingerprint Biometrics, Liveness Checks, ID Forgery Detection, AML Check etc.

pKYC is a game-changer for financial institutions and other businesses that need to know their customers. pKYC can help:

1. Reduce operational costs and risks by eliminating manual tasks and periodic reviews.

2. Improve accuracy and quality of customer data by reducing human errors and false positives.

3. Enhance customer experience and retention by minimizing friction and requests for information.

4. Comply with regulatory requirements and expectations by ensuring timely identification and reporting of changes in customer risk profiles.

5. Mitigate financial crime risks by detecting and preventing suspicious activities and transactions.

Accura Scan’s pKYC solution is easy to use, flexible and scalable. Its OCR can scan any national ID card, passport or other civil ID using a mobile device or a web browser. It can also perform facial & fingerprint biometrics, liveness checks and document authentication using certified selfie technology. It can integrate with any existing technology platform using web SDK or API. It can also work offline and in real time.

Accura Scan’s pKYC solution is suitable for use in all sectors and regions. It has been ISO & GDPR certified on data security. It can also check against watch lists such as Interpol, OFAC and PEP to provide the utmost security.

Accura Scan’s pKYC solution is the future of compliance. It can help businesses build trust with their customers, streamline their processes, reduce their costs and risks, and grow their revenue.

If you want to try Accura Scan’s pKYC solution for free, you can request a demo or contact us for more information. Accura Scan is the ultimate partner for all your Digital KYC needs.

In conclusion, Accura Scan’s pKYC solution offers an innovative approach to KYC processes that is more efficient, accurate, and secure than traditional methods. The solution’s ability to continuously monitor and verify customer data using advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and blockchain makes it an ideal choice for businesses that need to know their customers. With Accura Scan’s pKYC solution, companies can improve customer experience, comply with regulatory requirements, and mitigate financial crime risks Identity theft, spoofing, ID forgery, financial frauds etc.