Protect Yourself Against Fraud With Accura Scan Liveness Detection Technology

Protect Yourself Against Fraud With Accura Scan Liveness Detection Technology

Any technique that determines whether the source of a biometric sample is a real human being or a false representation is known as liveness detection. This is done using algorithms that examine data from biometric sensors to identify whether the source is real or fake.

Liveness detection is divided into two categories:

  • Active

Requires the user to do something that a fake can’t do. Multiple modalities could be incorporated, such as keystroke analysis or speaker recognition.

  • Passive

In this category, algorithms are used to detect indicators of a non-live image without requiring human engagement. Matching and liveness detection algorithms function better when high-quality biometric data is collected during registration.

One of these may be preferable in some situations, but they usually operate better together.

What Is The Mechanism Behind It?

It operates by evaluating picture and video signals in the event of liveness detection from passive mechanisms. It’s possible to combine the usage of numerous detectors based on machine learning and computer vision, and sometimes even with specific hardware.

Only the “selfie” position associated with facial recognition is required of the end-user. The technology evaluates the danger of impersonation based on this stance or pose. Because it is an automated procedure integrated into facial recognition, it is undetectable by humans.

They apply strategies based on the challenge-response concept for active systems. They ask the user to perform a specific action and then assess their response to decide.

Liveness Detection By Accura Scan

At Accura Scan, we chose a comprehensive identity verification solution based on passive techniques to combat identity theft. As a result, our liveness detection does not necessitate the user’s participation. We don’t want to offer crooks any information about how we catch them.

Our solution is invisible, so scammers remain  unaware about their actions being monitored. We leverage vivacity detection as an extra security barrier in our digital onboarding and remote identity verification processes to give the most robust fraud detection.

We use the video selfie in our biometric identification to provide our clients with a thorough analysis of photographs and videos, which help them in fraud prevention. This approach allows us to verify that the registration process is being carried out by a living, legitimate individual who has no intention of engaging in any irregular or criminal behavior.

Because the cybercriminal is unable to progress in the process, it aids in eradicating identity theft fraud. As a result, we consider it our primary weapon in the fight against identity theft.

The Benefits Of Our Liveness Detection 

Here are some of the significant benefits of our liveness detection solutions.

  • Through the REST API, it may be integrated within a matter of minutes.
  • Web and mobile platforms are both supported.
  • It is adaptable and can be used in conjunction with other technologies.
  • Analyze photographs and videos
  • Based on the most advanced methodologies, eliminates the danger of spoofing.

Implement a strict identity verification system with Accura Scan to protect your clients’ data and retain your company’s trust. Using our services, you will gain access to a liveness detection system that will assist you in fraud detection. For more details, call us on  +91 820-898-8751 or mail us at