Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Accura Scan is a powerful security solution that helps organizations protect themselves from online fraud. It uses advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with human experts, to provide a strong defense against various types of fraud, such as identity theft, spoofing, account takeovers, chargebacks, and card-not-present fraud.

With Accura Scan, fake IDs and identity theft attempts are detected and removed from the system. It continuously performs thorough checks to minimize the chances of bots causing any harm or disruption. Overall, Accura Scan combines smart technology and human expertise to ensure organizations have reliable protection against fraud in the online environment.

  • Powerful fraud protection with advanced technology.
  • Seamlessly secure your online operations while delivering a user-friendly experience.
  • Comprehensive fraud prevention with real-time detection and proactive measures.

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Accura Scan’s Use Cases

Regulatory Compliance

Bank Account Opening

Age Confirmation

Investors’ Background check

Prevention of Fraud

Client onboarding