Jordan expansion broadens Accura Scan scope

Jordan expansion broadens Accura Scan scope

Accura Scan has made its name for being a pioneer in user onboarding and verification technology. Accura Scan’s expansion in Jordan is likely to build a new client base with customizable products that provide customers accurate and authentic identity verification.

With increasing online enrollment services, organizations should be progressively watchful of their clients’ onboarding measures. ID report extortion and data fraud are on the ascent. Misrepresentation, identity theft, and fraud pose various dangers for all organizations: neglected solicitations, illegal tax avoidance, fraud. It is important to check the personality of your clients, creating a Digital KYC checkpoint that provides data protection.

Accura Scan’s mobile technology has already won them customers from various Gulf and European countries. Due to their easy integration and immense flexibility, the technology has been in demand since its launch.

The KYC verification process is presently done offline. Still, with the upgrades Accura Scan provides, identity verification can be done remotely using Digital KYC, where clients can meet the banking and other institutions remotely rather than having personnel visit their house.

Clients aware of security risks have become progressively exclusive about their requirements, demanding innovation in user-friendly and accurate products. With Accura Scan’s venture into the Jordan market, they hope to help local fintech and banking institutions provide a more secure gateway. While security checkpoints help, Accura Scan also helps their clients create a client onboarding methodology.

Client onboarding is a methodology by which the organization bolsters another client to record or utilize the assistance. Without a doubt, the goal is to develop an identity verification system that will identify fraud before it happens.

Accura SDK is ideal for KYC verification and User Identity Verification and aims to keep providing consistent results. Their robust Arabic OCR has met the needs of the Jordanian market, focusing specifically on what banks and other FinTech  companies have, and how they can be upgraded without causing any service interruptions.

Accura scan prevents Identity forgery by report check. Their solutions have an average scanning time of 500 milliseconds. Their flexibility and customizability are likely to develop new ventures and open new opportunities for the company.

Currently, they provide six major products: OCR, Face Biometrics, Liveliness, AML Screening, ID forgery and Video KYC. All of these are responsible for identity verification, face detection, authentication, and KYC to ensure the highest security level.

Jordan’s highest institutions use plenty of software on a day-to-day basis and require advanced features for efficient working. These features include, online and offline working capacities, auto-backup data storage systems, and authentic verification services.

Accura Scan’s success in the market is proof that the company provides the highest mobile security level and can be depended upon for all verification services. Accura Scan’s customizability has provided customers the chance to create their brand image with a product that provides them all of the highest services possible.

Available in iOS and Android versions for clients, Jordanian clients can choose to upgrade facilities as required. Accura Scan currently provides all customers with the most accurate recognition technology, which can be integrated seamlessly into all industries. For more queries, email