Accura Scan is Ahli Bank Qatar’s strategic partner for Digital KYC

Accura Scan is Ahli Bank Qatar’s strategic partner for Digital KYC

Ahli Bank, a Qatari-owned financial institute, has announced Accura Scan as its strategic partner for Digital KYC and user authentication. Accura Scan comes together with Ahli Bank for KYC verification by providing the latter OCR scanning and user verification solutions. With everything going online, KYC Verification is the first that needs implementation, and Accura Scan aims to help Ahli Bank through the process.

With ongoing identity thefts, money laundering and financial frauds, it becomes crucial to eliminate the threat. With advanced technology, Digital KYC verification has become quite fast and reliable. This reduces the manual workload on employees, increasing the overall efficiency of the bank. The solutions provided by Accura Scan will enable Ahli Bank to verify documents in a single step, whether these are passports, government-issued IDs, foreign driving licenses, or any other.

Ahli Bank Qatar, founded in 1983, is a Qatari-owned financial institute with its head office in Doha, Qatar. The bank offers services like Corporate Banking, Retail & Private Banking, International Banking, and many more. They serve individual customers, small businesses, and corporate customers. Since their establishment, they have stayed true to their traditional values and provided customers with the best banking service possible. With 14 branch networks working seamlessly, they have been able to provide excellent services effortlessly.

Ahli Bank is ranked in the top 1000 world banks, and its partnership with Accura Scan will increase the bank’s global ranking. By providing identity verification services, Accura Scan aims to help Ahli Bank from financial and reputational harms. While the partnership is mutually beneficial, Ahli bank aims to gain various benefits:

  • Swift, error-free process.
  • One-click customer onboarding.
  • 3D selfie technology for the onboarding process.
  • Real-time customer verification.
  • Overall verification and user onboarding efficiency.

Intending to replace manual data entry for KYC Verification, at Accura Scan, the company strives to provide user-friendly, fast, and reliable technology. The company understands the risk of forgeries and fraud and works hard to eliminate all risk for their customers. Their services are affordable, and with their technology working offline, a user is always up-to-date on all their banking ventures.

Accura Scan’s scanners ensure that the user gets the documents verified without hassle. Their real-time verification service works flawlessly in identifying potential threats and altering authorities. From face-matching to biometrics, they leave no stone unturned to prevent forgery.

Manual onboarding is usually a long, expensive process, especially for banks. The drawback of this is frustrated clients who are ready to switch banks rather than go through KYC compliance expenses and onboarding procedures. Ahli Bank Qatar’s partnership with Accura Scan is an effort on the bank’s part to simplify the onboarding process for its clients and provide security unlike any seen in the country.

Accura Scan provides the best identity verification services at affordable rates. Their biggest advantage remains that they can provide customers with swift integration. With artificial intelligence onboard completing verifications, clients and businesses can maintain transparency and reduce financial fraud risk.

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