How Accura can play Role in Digitizing Banking Systems amid #Covid Pandemic

How Accura can play Role in Digitizing Banking Systems amid #Covid Pandemic

Banking clients in the UAE ought to consider utilizing on the web and versatile financial channels to help the UAE government’s push to confine the spread of COVID-19. This point is being re-stressed by the National Bank of UAE (CBUAE), UAE Banks Alliance, and every driving bank working in the UAE. Amid the crisis, the only objective is reducing the human touch and still continue the operations.

The summit bank additionally requested that banks make accessible progressively digital/online administrations despite this uncommon general wellbeing alarm.


No Need to Visit Branches for KYC

Most UAE banks work hearty digital banking stages that permit more than 90 percent of retail banking related exchanges to be done on the web. Banks have been putting vigorously in digital change and have the electronic channels that can convey a dominant part of administrations.

Early adopters of this change – Emirates NBD Gathering, Mashreq, Business Bank of Dubai and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – have been offering advanced administrations that have just observed noteworthy decreases in client footfall at branches. While most banks have seen decrease in their branch systems, Mashreq a year ago even declared a 50 percent decrease in its system bolstered by its digital arrangements.

With the help of the Accurascan document scanning app technology, banks can perform the KYC or accounts registration process of old customers. The app can aid in populating important information such as date of birth, name, address etc. into the registration pages. It can capture user information quickly and make financial transactions much easier and more efficient.

Limited branch operations

While the Central Bank and UAE Banks Organization consoled clients on the congruity of banking administrations during times of uncertainty, the controller have requested that banks limit branch tasks to agree to government guidelines to constrain the infection spread.

The controller has offered opportunity to banks and trade houses to take the choice on diminished working hours and transitory conclusion of certain branches as long as the administrations offered to clients are not interfered. This is the time to replace manual work for your staff.

In this case, Accurascan as a document scanning app is accurate with its high-precision recognition of printed text and converting them into digital documents that are easy to be processed by a computer. Thus, it enables its user to perform indexing or editing of such digitized documents in an effortless manner. The average time to recognize printed text by Accurascan takes less than 500 milliseconds which enables a person to scan loads of documents such as ID cards, passports, and visas incredibly fast.


Early into social distancing

The UAE’s financial area also steps on social removing directly in the beginning of the infection flare-up. In the main seven day stretch of Spring, Emirates NBD Gathering, Mashreq, RAKBank and Business Bank of Dubai set up inside rule on social separating. The measures ran from limitation on inward gatherings, trainings, customer gatherings and travel inside and outside the nation to shield their representatives and customers from potential danger of introduction to the infection. At Accura Scan, we started this dream to replace manual data entry for important KYC documents in banks, travel agencies, government institutions all over the world like National ID cards, Citizenship cards, passports, bank cards, driving licenses with something which is very convenient and easy. That convenient and easy product was Accura Scan.

Accura Scan, a pioneer in OCR & AI Based scanning technology is one of the most perfect solutions for the businesses looking to embark on OCR journey. At Accura Technolabs, it is our mission to replace the manual KYC onboarding. You can check out more information about us here