Accura Scan Contracted by Easy Pay LLC Armenia for User Onboarding

Accura Scan Contracted by Easy Pay LLC Armenia for User Onboarding

Last year, exactly around the same time, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan  announced in his speech “Armenia has necessary preconditions to become a technological country with IT being the most rapidly growing sector in Armenia,” during the Q-and-A at Italy-Armenia business forum. Digitalization of public services in Armenia is another goal, while creation of a high-tech ministry will help fulfil this goal, he mentioned. “Technologies nowadays are important in all sectors, be it agriculture, governance, education, textile or tourism

Easy Pay” LLC, was founded in April 2014. The company also has an electronic payment system with an electronic purse “Easy Wallet”. Currently, organizations and institutions of various sectors in Armenia have already joined the payment system of “Easy Pay” LLC.

  • State institutions (Passport and Visa Office of the Policy of RA, Traffic Police of RA, Committee of Real Estate Cadastre of RA, Ministry of Justice of RA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA)
  • Credit organizations, banks,
  • Insurance companies
  • Mobile operators,
  • Internet providers,
  • Companies operating in various industries.

In what it can be said as a first penetration into lucrative and digital adoptive Asia market, Accura Scan will be helping Armenia’s top country software company to transform and accelerate their Client Onboarding.

One of the most important milestones under the umbrella of Easy Pay digital revolution has been the inauguration of the region’s first Digital Transformation Initiative. In line with this initiative, they were in search of a product which could seamlessly address their end user Onboarding woes and accelerate it. Seeing the unique opportunity, Accura Scan was the perfect partner to initiate the tie- up. This strategic move seeks to completely revolutionise the Easy pay Customer Onboarding experience in Armenia top Company and improve service levels exponentially. As such, easy pay saw the potential to use smartphones with Accura KYC app to provide customers with access to most easy pay services through a visual, rather than paper based physical work.

The successful launch of this innovative, pioneering Digital Customer Experience project in Armenia is part of easy pay ongoing plans to achieve digital leadership as they continue to build on their strengths in adapting to the ever-changing company landscape and in staying ahead of the competitive and technological curve.

Here are simple straight benefits that Easy Pay will reap from its partnership with Accura Scan:

1. Accelerated data records and updates.

2. Reduced time spent on administrative duties.

3. Elimination of manual, error prone processes.

4. Reduced abandonment rates.

5. Increased compliance and mitigated risk.

6. Improved security and document management practices.


About Accura Scan:

At Accura Scan, we started this dream to replace manual data entry for important KYC documents in banks, travel agencies, government institutions all over the world like National ID cards, Citizenship cards, passports, bank cards, driving licenses with something which is very convenient and easy. That convenient and easy product was Accura Scan. Accura Scan, a pioneer in scanning technology is a perfect solution for the onboarding and KYC of the new customers. At Accura Technolabs, it is our mission to replace the manual KYC onboarding. You can check out more information about us here