Here’s How You Can Improve Your Customer’s Identity Experience At Sign Up

Here’s How You Can Improve Your Customer’s Identity Experience At Sign Up

As a business, your first and foremost priority should be your customers. However, does this mean that all other factors have to take a backseat? Absolutely not! Customer identity verification is a big step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Instead, there are ways to incorporate both and provide a frictionless process that satisfies both parties.

Customer onboarding

Many companies are tempted to reduce the number of steps it takes for the customer to sign up, but they fail to realize how important an customer onboarding experience is. You wouldn’t want them to leave the page, thus keeping them engaged in activities that are useful to them helps build their interests. Verification while remote onboarding has certain benefits:

  • Disclosure of information from the bank, financial institution, or organization
  • Guidance on how customer verification safeguards the interests of the company as well as the clients
  • People understand the reason for going through a verification

Right to information is very important. By allowing only necessary details, yet enough space for them to think over it, you can hit the perfect balance that makes their experience worth the verifying procedure.

An extra step in the flow

Extra steps have always created friction in the process, and identity verification is one of them. This, too, has its benefits. Customers always believe that if the institution is taking measures to verify whether they can be a threat to their company or not, they build trust in its security system. Their trust is an advantage to your organization.

The waiting time

It is extremely important to verify your customers as quickly as possible, but for them, even a 15 to 30 second waiting time might seem like forever. Especially when they’re looking right at the screen and waiting for it to end, they don’t want to feel like the system is going to crash and not verify their identity. There are a few simple methods to make their experience better:

  • Introduction of a loading bar that shows how much time is remaining
  • Percentage on the bar to denote how much of their information has been verified

While the above are implemented, some financial institutions do not allow their customers to quit the page or leave the tab while documents are being verified. When using KYC digitally, if customers can keep browsing and exploring other tabs, it becomes easier for them to wait and rely on the process. It might not be possible at times; hence if they are notified beforehand that greeting the tab would hamper their progress in verification, they have the option to come back or continue with the given condition.

User convenience

Customer identity experience at sign-up is integral to take care of, but at the same time, it should be designed for everyone to use. Simple, easy inputs, and easy understanding.

Every individual should have access to information they need, following up on the identity verification.

Immediate digital KYC and screening

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