Greatest Moments of Success for Accura Scan in the year 2019!

Greatest Moments of Success for Accura Scan in the year 2019!

As we close our curtains on the year 2019, it’s nostalgic to look back at those memorable moments Accura Scan witnessed this year. From enhancing and enriching our product line, exhibiting in some of the most vital exhibitions to onboarding key clients across multiple sectors to roping in new partners to achieving full OCR for global ID cards, Accura Scan has been able to topple each milestone on its own and establish true credibility in KYC market.

Here’s a glimpse of the most notable moments from 2019:

Groundbreaking feature: Face Biometrics for Real-time User Authentication


Each human has novel facial focuses, fingerprints, voice and retina designs which can be utilized as a confirmation reason in the most secure manner. Any biometrics framework works on two essential standards; Distinguishing and Validating. Essentially, facial acknowledgement is well-characterized programming that extracts significant facial purposes of an individual and thinks about it to the put away digitized picture. The point is to replace and compare about the ongoing image of an individual utilizing its most pertinent facial highlights relying on different components like lights, the development, the articulations and the good ways from the camera.

Using this case, Accura Scan felt the need to address this dire need of the clients and enhance its product by adding Face Biometrics for Real-time User Authentication. One of the best examples is how it can expedite the airport security, you can find it here


Brand Value through exhibitions across the world

As a part of brand building exercise, Accura Scan team exhibited at MWC Barcelona, Seamless Middle East, Ibex Mumbai, Technofest Istanbul covering almost four continents in the year 2019.

One of the most important benefits for Accura Scan of participating in these exhibitions was that it helped in creating impeccable brand awareness. Exhibiting at industry events proved to be an excellent way to raise our brand value and generate awareness. With the help of engaging and appealing exhibition showcases, Accura Scan could engage hugely across the spectrum of audience. This proximity benefitted us and also helped us understand our target audience and their needs better and keep improvising our product to its highest level based on their sincere feedback. And lastly, who can forget the how this all created memorable experiences for your audience thus helping us build brand proximity.


KYC boarding in banking, finance and Telecom sector

The primary trend which has been emerging lately is that the retail banks have been eager to push the adoption of digital technology as a core part of their operations. Today, all banks are facing the digital age with a broad set of solutions, from pure channel adaptation to radical changes in their business models and restructuring their KYC onboarding procedures. In parallel, telecom companies have been adapting to their customer relationships strategies and accordingly, gearing up for technology adoption to expedite their regular onboarding processes.

But once telecom companies become customer-oriented, why stop there? Along with them, a string of NBFCs (Non-Banking Finance Corporations) too has been offering a full array of experiential services to their clients by first changing the KYC Onboarding procedures and digitizing them. Accura Scan was quick to take on this opportunity and has already been at the forefront to transform the KYC onboarding process in three core sectors, giving it an excellent start for its future credible journey.


Full OCR for Global ID cards

Scores of business sectors require the information contained in the ID card to perform the registration process. In general, the registration process is still using a form to be filled in accordance with the data on the ID card, which will then be converted into digital data by means of retyping the information. The purpose of this research is to create a character recognition system on the ID card where the character recognition process included into four stages: pre-processing, text-area extraction, segmentation and recognition. Text area extractor shows satisfactory results of identifying text-area on the ID card, which can scope all the entire area that consists of text. Taking this market feedback strongly and understanding the prominence of national ID cards all over the world, Accura Scan ventured out to extend OCR for almost all the global ID cards.


Think Global, Be Local – Iconic Partnership with Lend Rise

GDPR has changed the way the companies interact with European customers, employees or partners must deal with the personal information they hold. It is essential that any information that can identify a person is protected – from their personal details to their bank accounts and health records to their political views and web behaviours.

Furthermore, according to the EU convention laws, European Union countries must take appropriate steps to identify, assess, understand and mitigate the risks of money laundering, as well as assess any data protection concerns in that regard. Additionally, every state should designate an authority or establish a security mechanism to formulate the national response to such risks.

Having understood this, part of it involves streamlining KYC: Know Your Customer and the customer identification process/procedure. This process typically includes the collection and analysis of identity documents related to customers and maintaining confidential records of it safely. All these norms would not be possible without a strong local presence and thus, in the year 2019, Accura Scan struck a world-class partnership with Lend Rise ( to better serve its EU market.

Last, but not the least, Accura Scan family would like to express the sincerest gratitude wholeheartedly to all the stakeholders for grand support extended to us in 2019 and hoping to take forward the same trust and endeavour in the new year 2020. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year!