How partnership with Lend Rise strengthens our EU expansion

How partnership with Lend Rise strengthens our EU expansion

Traditionally, the European Union (EU) has been a great market globally however, an utmost caution had to be maintained as far as the penetration of any product is concerned. As a product company, you ought to understand the needs of the European customers, clients and all other stakeholders. Additionally, the EU also happens to be the most vibrant market with multiple languages, race and cultures. Hence, there was a need for Accura Scan to cover the unattended areas of European folks and was willing to go beyond to satisfy them. “Think Global, Be Local” is the strategy adopted by us and accordingly, we partnered with Lend Rise, one of the most reputed peer-to-peer lending platform that will enable USA and EU individuals to borrow and lend money without the use of an official financial institution as an intermediary. Below are the factors that which made us thoughtful about our iconic partnership with Lend Rise.  (


Think Global, Be Local:

And with the world becoming increasingly global, your consumers are now living at all edges of the world and likely already consuming the localized content of your competitors. If you want to increase sales, broaden your brand awareness, localisation is key. But, while most product managers are aware of the need to speak their customers’ language; how far are they willing to go, right? The success of the global approach is about much more than merely translating your website and content. While translation ensures that your message makes sense, localisation speaks to the heart. And speaking to the heart is the final goal of the Accura Scan.

GDPR Pulse:

GDPR has changed the way the companies interact with European customers, employees or partners must deal with the personal information they hold. It is essential that any information that can identify a person is protected – from their personal details to their bank accounts and health records to their political views and web behaviours.

Furthermore, according to the EU convention laws, European Union countries must take appropriate steps to identify, assess, understand and mitigate the risks of money laundering, as well as assess any data protection concerns in that regard. Additionally, every state should designate an authority or establish a security mechanism to formulate the national response to such risks.

Localization preference:

Having understood this, part of it involves streamlining KYC: Know Your Customer and the customer identification process/procedure. This process typically includes the collection and analysis of identity documents related to customers and maintaining a confidential record of it safely. All these norms would not be possible without a strong local presence and thus, in the year 2019, Accura Scan anchored a world-class partnership with Lend Rise ( to better commit itself to EU countries.

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