Collaboration between Accura Scan and MobiFin

Collaboration between Accura Scan and MobiFin

Accura Scan has consistently nurtured enduring partnerships & associations with System Integrators, IT Consultants & Industry Experts across the world catering to a diverse set of sectors & industries – from Banking & Financial Services to Telecoms to Hospitality & Healthcare.

Now, with great joy and pride, we announce our strategic alliance with MobiFin – An Omni-Channel Global Transaction Hub to Streamline Digital Payments owned by Panamax Inc.

Over the past three years, Accura Scan has evolved into a leading supplier of specialized, high-fidelity AI-based solutions for eKYC, identity verification, remote user authentication, and fraud prevention. Our products are assisting banks, financial institutions, insurance firms, telecommunications companies, etc. in considerably reducing their KYC & Customer Onboarding times & costs as well as preventing the onboarding of prospective fraudsters & questionable individuals.

Our proprietary eKYC suite comprises cutting-edge technologies & solutions such as the OCR, Facial & Fingerprint Biometrics, Active & Passive Liveness Check, ID Forgery & AML Checks.

Panamax Inc bring with them over 20 years of solid track record of providing a wide range of products in the areas of digital financial solutions, revenue management, network switching solutions, customer value management, and monitoring solutions.

With industry expertise, skill & experience, MobiFin has become the trusted & preferred technological partner for Banks, Telcos & other businesses across the globe.

Today, Accura Scan and Panamax Inc. are proud to announce their partnership to provide innovative technology solutions that will revolutionize digital financial services. This partnership combines Accura Scan’s cutting-edge AI-based solutions with MobiFin’s sophisticated financial services products, providing an integrated suite of solutions for Digital Banking, Payments, Telecoms and other sectors.

The alliance between Accura Scan and MobiFin will enable Banks, Financial Institutions, Payments, Insurance & Telecom Companies, and others to quickly onboard customers with the highest levels of accuracy & security while ensuring customer satisfaction.

The inherent and complementary synergies between the two organizations, as well as their combined expertise, will provide our respective clients with world-class Digital Financial Solutions fortified with swift, secure, and seamless eKYC and Onboarding Solutions.

Through this strategic alliance, both companies will be working together to bring innovative technologies to the market faster and offer a wide range of customer value management services such as loyalty programs, analytics & reporting, business intelligence & optimization services.

We at Accura Scan are excited about this new relationship with MobiFin and look forward to a successful & enduring partnership!