Accura Scan Age Verification Service – A Key Step In Digital ID Verification

Accura Scan Age Verification Service – A Key Step In Digital ID Verification

As more modern businesses move online, demand for advanced age and identity verification technology has risen. User authentication is vital in fostering trust in online businesses. Digital verification cultivates the security all businesses need for their growth, and online ID verification with an age check is the most secure way to prevent underage access. Every modern business should have the most advanced ID verification.


An overview of why age verification is significant:

  • It helps to classify age-restricted products.
  • It provides a clearer idea about the products and what your business sells.
  • Failure to follow the age-verification process can lead to legal penalties.

Where is age verification required?

Identity verification allows businesses to protect their as well as the interests of their customers. A seamless age verification technology can save a company a lot of long-term trouble, and ID verification protects them from scams and other legal and financial trouble. Digital verification reduces the possibility of errors. It is a secure and efficient method that greatly improves customer experience. Here are a few instances where age verification is a must, both online and offline.

For online services:

  1. Dating Websites
  2. Gaming Websites
  3. Websites for betting and gambling
  4. E-learning websites and courses for children
  5. Online weapon dealers

For offline services:

  1. High-tech retail stores
  2. Advanced vending machines that sell alcohol or tobacco
  3. Bars and nightclubs

Age verification via face analysis technology

The technology looks at the customers’ facial features to verify their age and gender. It is based on an algorithm whose collected data allows it to make accurate estimates through someone’s face. Deep learning algorithms estimate a person’s age by analysing their facial features. The only data collected is related to the customer’s age to prevent any breach of privacy.

Age verification is crucial for smooth customer service and plays a key role in securing the interest of a business. Hence, an effective age verification service is important for many businesses.


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