Accura Scan wins the trust of Oney Bank for User Onboarding

Accura Scan wins the trust of Oney Bank for User Onboarding

User Onboarding is an essential first step for a company or a customer to start their professional relationship with a bank. Oney Bank has partnered with Accura Scan to integrate digital KYC and identity verification services, making user onboarding smooth and simple.

Oney Bank, France, has been supporting innovation in the financial sector. Currently, they provide services in 12 countries but aim to expand soon. Their reputation has brought a wave of new customers, which has triggered the need for a better identity verification system. Accura Scan’s seamless and streamlined user onboarding mechanism makes the Digital KYC verification and identity verification service easy and time-saving for the bank.

Accura Scan offers remote and real-time authentication through Face Biometrics 2D and 3D Liveness checks. They help scan ID cards like Passports, Visas, and Driving Licenses efficiently. This helps in the conservation of user identity and protection against identity thefts. The KYC verification and legal checks are critical processes for Oney Bank to perform before starting a professional relationship with a client or user.

Accura Scan is an expert in scanning technology, and the partnership is likely to benefit Oney Bank’s various customers. The new partnership aims to provide Oney Bank with the following advantages:

  • Making KYC easy
  • Increased working speed and accuracy
  • OCR SDK technology to make documentation error-proof

With the novel 3D technology, identity theft can be prevented effectively. The user authentication entails a 3D Selfie video for important user transactions, promoting spoof-proof banking. Accura Scan’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology converts scanned documents into files understood by the machines. It solves one of the biggest disadvantages with scanned documents that these cannot be scrutinized. OCR enables banks to fasten their document processing and free their documents from manual errors.

Real-time verification helps in scanning Visa, Passports, and other documents that helps in opening accounts for new customers. With the aid of AI and Deep Learning, Accura Scan helps in digital KYC verification.

The process helps improve the banks’ overall productivity by fastening the onboarding process and providing the users with a hassle-free compliance check experience. It helps the banking sector immensely in onboarding as well as retaining the customers/ users.

Accura Scan makes User Onboarding’s compliance requirements efficient with scanning the user documents with accuracy and speed. Thus, it provides an effective identity verification service.

Accura Scan helps in making the banking operations more streamlined and integrated. Thus, the User Onboarding experience becomes hassle-free with the KYC verification and Identity verification services being done digitally. Accura Scan’s digital security expertise achieved through APIs, OCRs, and Biometrics will likely further Oney Bank’s customer base.

Accura Scan’s services are compatible with iOS and Android, making integration a simple process. They help make the documentation system less cumbersome as the documents can be easily searched, tracked, sorted, and printed. With Accura Scan, the user onboarding experience seems to unite both the customers’ ease with the bank’s compliance needs.

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