Tech Safari 2.0 with Accura Scan @ AfricaCom!

Tech Safari 2.0 with Accura Scan @ AfricaCom!

Can KYC & Identity Verification be simplified?

The COVID-19 pandemic led to organizations from diverse sectors such as Telecom, Banking, Payments, Insurance, Hospitality, Healthcare etc shift their customer engagements & business online. This has required them to build & ramp-up their digital infrastructure to facilitate online transactions. An important & key piece of this digital transformation is the eKYC Verification & remote on-boarding of users/subscribers/cutomers.

Data fraud & Document forgery are the biggest concerns of organizations. But a complex & long eKYC process could negatively impact customer experience.

It is in this context that innovative Regtech & Fintech Start-ups like Accura Scan have stepped-in to provide swift, secure & seamless eKYC, Identity Verification & Onboarding solutions which help complete the KYC process in seconds using AI & ML. 

Accura Scan, has steadily evolved to become a key global provider of Digital KYC, Identity Verification & Customer On-Boarding Solutions comprising of MRZ OCR, Facial & FingerPrint Biometrics, Liveness Check, ID Forgery Check & AML Screening.

Our solutions have helped our clients to significantly cut-down on their customer registration, verification & on-boarding times as well as the cost of acquisitions. Our latest modules like the ID Forgery Check & AML Check are helping clients prevent on-boarding of fraudsters, criminals & dubious elements.

Excited to be continuing our tech engagement with Africa – this time at the AfricaCom & Tech Festival to be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 8-10th November. Potentially the biggest tech event in Africa, it promises to bring the biggest Telecom & IT giants from across the African continent as well as from around the world.

We look forward to showcase our innovative AI & ML solutions for Automated Customer Registration, eKYC & Identity Verification & Customer On-Boarding. Our proprietary in-house solutions like the OCR help automate user/client registration, Facial & Finger Print Biometrics help establish & verify user identity while the Liveness Check helps prevent spoofing & identity theft.

Join us on this exciting Tech Safari at the India Pavilion, Booth D50, next week 8-10th November. You can reach out to us on +919930593152 or to schedule a meet-up.