Spoofing Scams: How Real-Time Verification Helps

Spoofing Scams: How Real-Time Verification Helps

Halloween is the most awaited time for tricksters and scammers. Where everyone waits for the festival time to turn spooky and creative with their costumes, some celebrate it with cyber hoax and spoofing. Fraudsters during Halloween disguise themselves not into ghostly avatars or monsters but, they try to become someone else with the help of spam emails or fake websites and trick people into sharing important personal information that results in an identity authorization crisis.

Here are some of the popular Halloween cyber scams,


Trick or treat? During the Halloween season, cybercriminals’ trick is to send spam emails in bulk while their treats are the personal information received through that. When clicked and opened, these mails send malware and Trojan viruses to the user’s system. The personal information hence obtained, can be further misused to threaten the user or the organization and result in a major loss of confidential details.

Discount coupons and party invites

Scammers take advantage of the festive atmosphere during Halloween and send fake party invites or discounted coupons as bait to acquire personal details such as user id, passwords, and bank account details. This results in severe identity theft and loss of essential data.

Online costume selling

Another such scam used by fraudsters is creating fake e-commerce websites selling Halloween costumes. People get tricked into purchasing products that not only never reach them but also give away important details such as their names, address, account information, and even their credit card pins. All this stolen information is enough for the cybercriminals to disguise themselves as someone else for even a longer period than Halloween.

How does real-time verification help?

In case of identity thefts happening around Halloween, organizations still have a chance to avoid the risks of losing their confidential details to bogus scammers and protect the data of the authentic customers.

Accura Scan offers real-time verification solutions through the following services:

Optical character recognition scanner (OCR Scanner) and machine-readable zone reader (MRZ Reader) scans and converts paper documents and images into searchable content. They are used to perform user authentication by reading MRZ codes on IDs, passports, visas, or driving licenses.

Accura Scan’s Face Biometrics recognition technology enables the detection of authentic users at the time of every transaction made through bank accounts. This technology offers remote facial matching in real-time, using the verified ID and a 3D selfie of the user. It also performs biometrics liveness detection to ensure the integrity of the customer.

Anti-money laundering (AML) KYC verification services, by Accura Scan, offers 100% authentic verification through 3D selfie technology. With its AML screening solutions, financial institutions and organizations can scan and verify a range of documents along with facial matches and liveness detection to ensure the presence of the customer while submitting the documents.

We, the qualified team of Accura Scan, are here for you in the tricky times of Halloween season where there is a high risk of individuals getting trapped in scams and spoofs, the real-time verification services provided by our expert team in Accura Scan can surely be beneficial for companies to avoid the losses and focus on their extensive growth.